• Random Merch : Throw Blankets, Pop-up Books, And More!

    It looks like that Rainbow Dash vector is getting yet another piece of merch made after her.  I have to admit, I always was a fan of it.

    This throw blanket was found in Texas at a store called Killeen.  Thanks to Steven for the heads up! 

    Onward to more random merch after the break!

    Mexican Gift Sets

    Submitter Alfredo sends in this bag that looks almost like one of those capri-sun things.  Apparently inside is a set of crayons, stickers, and a small coloring booklet. 

     Popup Book

    And for all you Australians out there,  a new popup book has shown up at a couple of the bookstores.  The submitter, Jamus, points out that there are about half a dozen pages inside. 

    And that about covers it for this edition of RANDOM MERCH.  I guess we are running out of worldwide oddities to report on!