• My Little Pony Mobile Game Information

    Along with all the comic stuff popping up, My Little Pony Project had a playable demo of the upcoming Gameloft game.  Apparently that screenshot from a while back was pretty accurate, from the sounds of it we will be seeing a city building style game, in the role of Twilight Sparkle.

    Sara, one of the people that had a chance to play it, sent this in:
    Played on an ipad tonight at the PonyProject preview.  She described it as a "Sims Style game" where you start as Twilight Sparkle and have to rebuild Ponyville and all the houses to add more characters.  There are currently 3 mini games aside from the main story of the game.  The Dash game is a mini game as well as the one I played which was literally just bouncing a ball with a random pony (I got BonBon).  The GameLoft people also said it will be available on Droid and Apple platforms and will be a free download from teh app stores with free downloadable content later on.  They also said it would not require internet access to play which was a relief for long plane trips and subway rides underground. :D
     Time to build some Ponyville!

    Update: And Purple Tinker tossed a few tidbits of information about it too! It's after the break though due to length.

  • Higher Quality Comic Images + Confirmed for My Little Pony Project

    Some higher quality images have popped up of the comics from earlier, as well as a bunch of other images of the event.  Most of it is the custom older gen pony set, though there are quite a few interesting ones in that bunch.

    Head on down past the break for the comics to avoid spoilers and a few more!

  • (Confirmed) Possible Comic Images Popping Up

    These can't be confirmed yet by any means, but it looks like a couple of pages from the upcoming MLP comic have been framed up for display at an undisclosed location.  Currently nothing is really known about them, though there is a very good chance these are from the current Project Pony event going on over in New York. 

    A livestream of that will be up tomorrow! Until then, head on down past the break for some possible comic sample images.

    Thanks to Maggie for the heads up. 

    (This has been confirmed, click here for better quality)
  • Trailers: Ponies of the Caribbean: On Stranger Shorse / Les Mareables / Blood Diamond

    Trailers Trailers Trailers! We have some Pirates, some Marebles, and a bit of Blood Diamond. Find them all below.

    1.) Ponies of the Caribbean: On Stranger Shorse
    2.) Les Mareables
    3.) MLP Blood Diamond Trailer

  • More Season 3 Details! - Storyboard Artists

    The always incredible Raven has recently released a journal containing some new tidbits (primarily storyboard artists) about season 3. For those of you looking for whatever information you can find on the new season, check out the info after the break.

  • My Little Pony official Game Teaser Shot on Facebook

    The news! It just keeps flowing lately!

    The My Little Pony Facebook page has dropped a screenshot of an upcoming game.   We don't have any other information on it other than  multiple mini-games will be included.  It's looking like a flash deal though!

    Check it out here.
  • Toywiz Needs a Pony!

    As many of you have probably noticed at this point, Toywiz kinda loves us.  Ever since we invaded their poll and made pony beat everything else, Friendship is Magic has dominated their contests!

    But they need a pony.

    Introducing the "Make Toywiz a Pony Contest"!  All you need is a facebook page and the ability to come up with a drawing of their pony.  Winners will receive a whole bunch of credit to buy things with on their website.

    Head on over to the Toywiz Facebook page to read up on all the specific rules.
  • Comic: The Rulers of Equestria / Powerful Way to Greatness / Rainbow Dash vs F16 / Bishoujo Pony Princess

    We have a huge multiparter in the fist slot this time around! Celestia and Luna need some lore after all!  Follow the pages in the description.

    And below, a bunch of randomness.  Click for full!

  • Game Trailer: Order of Twilight

    This is an interesting one. At first glance it looks like another platforming game, but Order of Twilight sets itself apart by including button combos for spells, doing anything from explosions to stopping time

    Head on down past the break to check out the video of it!

  • Hastings Exclusive Comic Cover

    Rainbow Dash snowboarding?  I can't handle the covers! I want them all! 

    This is the exclusive cover of the upcoming issue #1 MLP comic for Hastings.   Head on over to their Facebook Page to comment on it!

    Thanks to Sebastian for the heads up!

  • Spotlight Music: Sins of the Solar Empire (Nicolas Dominique's Earth Pony Remix) / If I Go Back / Lunar Guardian

    We have a mix of stuff this time around. The first is a remix of Sins of the Solar Empire, followed by a new vocal electronic/chill track dedicated to Luna, and finish with an orchestral/piano piece. Find them all below!

    1.) TeiThePony - Sins of the Solar Empire (Nicolas Dominique's Earth Pony Remix)
    2.) If I Go Back (Feat. Alioopster27) {Original Song} [Luna]
    3.) Lunar Guardian

  • Story Updates October 12th (Afternoon)

    So many ponies.  Have some updates!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #593

    Look at poor Trixie over there.  No one wants to dance with her! These ponies are just cruel. 

    Have some art!

  • Game: Spike Toss

    Fan of Angry Birds, pinball machines, or anything that involves launching Spike?  It's time to be amazed.  Game creator Futzi01 has created probably one of the most addicting games in the fandom.  Send spike flying out of a giant slingshot to collect gems, encountering sticky walls, bouncy pads, breakable glass, and all sorts of other crazyness.  There are a ton of levels too, and even a section to create your own.  I hope you all have some time to kill!

    Check it out here!

    Can't stop bouncing...
  • Simple PMV: A Cowgirl's Whisper // friendship is epica // Galvanize the Solar Empire //

    I think these four might be my favorite background pony pairs, precisely because they have almost no canon significance whatsoever. We've made them what they are! It's kind of cool. While I leave you with that thought, have some simple PMVs to munch on.

    1) PMV - A Cowgirl's Whisper
    2) friendship is epica
    3) PMV - Galvanize the Solar Empire

  • Story: Of Time and Cavities

    [Random] [Comedy]

    Author: RavensDagger
    Description: My name is Minuette, but a privileged few know me as Agent Colgate, Dental Practitioner. We hide in the shadows, ever watching out for pony's teeth. When cavities strike, we are there. Saving Equestria, one toothache at a time.

    Of Time and Cavities

    Additional Tags: Brush Your Teeth Every Day.
  • Season 3 PPreview Clip in HD On the MLP Facebook

    The MLP Facebook has released yesterday's clip in a higher definition! Head on over here to check it out!
  • Music Spotlight: Yay! (Original Song) // Luna's Soliloquy // This Is Nightmare Night //

    Lost illusions of mind control!
    Resisting all hope of letting go!
    Racing impulse of dark desire
    drives me through the night!

    Sweetie Belle because Sweetie Belle can sing pretty good, and that's what these tracks are- vocal ones! It's like I pick these things on purpose or something. We have an original song, a dark lullaby, and topping it off with some Nightmare Moon.

    1) 0neTr1ckP0ny - Yay! (Original Song)
    2) Luna's Soliloquy
    3) Meelz ft. Koroshi-Ya - This Is Nightmare Night

  • Full New York Comic Con 2012 Panel

    The full New York Comic Con panel I hinted at earlier has finally been uploaded to Youtube!  Podcaster Richard from the "The Kind of Epic Show" was nice enough to record it and edit up a video for us.  One thing that rocks about these Hasbro-run panels is the ability to really break the mold in responses, and it definitely doesn't disappoint as you saw in the synopsis earlier.  

    Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Derped Push-Ups

    Derpy needs to just get her own series already.  Anyway, have a short animation to start off the day!

  • Nightly Roundup #465

    Got some Twilight for you guys tonight mainly because I could really use some best pony right now. Cal's back to more important things after spending most of the week dealing with midterms, so let's dive right into the news shall we?

    It's really short tonight, but check it all out after the break!