• Season 3 Screens and Information from NY Comic Con

    We have a bunch of neat stuff popping up from the panel at Comic Con New York.  It's all crazy spoilery though, so head on down past the break for everything!

    Also video coming soon! just waiting on the editor to fix it up.

    And some info from various sources in the email box and Pitchbeast:
    • New Villian goes by the name of King Somber (Black alicorn we ran an event for)
    • Discord Is pretty much 100% Confirmed
    • Luna's Abandoned Moon Colony joked about, history of Celestia and Luna Coming up
    • Interest in visiting the Griffon Kindom
    • Official Soundtrack probably on the way
    • More Manehattan
    • All season 3 songs from the first Comic Con are from episode one
    • Hoofed mammals can talk, while others cannot
    And some pictures from Twitter:

    I'll post the video separate in a bit!