• What Mystical Creatures Do You Want in Season 3-4?

    Friendship is Magic hosts a wide variety of mystical beasts and fantasy races.  They aren't always what you would expect though! Who would have guessed we would have a minotaur salesman? 

    This fandom has a pretty massive gamer/fantasy/sci-fi geek following, and because of this, our knowledge of mystical fantasy beasties, paranormal creatures, and super advanced alien races is unmatched!

    What do you want to see our little ponies encounter next? 
  • Story: The Quiescence of the Crystal Empire


    Author: Aldrigold
    Description: Before Twilight and her friends saved the Crystal Empire, its ruler had to watch it die. Long before she meets Shining Armor and Twilight, Cadence walks through her home for the last time.
    The Quiescence of the Crystal Empire

    Additional Tags: Speculative, Alicorn, Harmony, Memory, Responsibility

  • Music: Dysfunctional // Twilight Sparkle's Mind Palace - 2/4 // Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading //

    Shame pulses through my heart,
    from the things I've done to you.
    It's hard to face, but the fact remains,
    that this is nothing new.

    I don't believe any of these songs contain Fluttershy, but that's alright, she can be a header if she wants to. Two instrumentals and a vocal track: orchestral/steampunk, something something Twilight books, and a vocal cover of one of the best instrumental songs in the show!

    1) DasDeer - Dysfunctional
    2) Twilight Sparkle's Mind Palace - 2/4
    3) deadmare5 - Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading With Vocals (Cover ft. Flutarity, 100 sub special!)

  • Plushie Compilation #87

    Flitter hasn't had a lot of love lately so let's fix that shall we?

    Sorry for the delayed plush compilation guys! Between school and Con Crud last week I'm still playing catchup on a lot of my features. Time to hunker down and get to work again!

    Check out our plushie ponies after the break!

    Source 1
    Flitter Pony Plushie

  • Comic: Celestia Always on Duty / A Song for Applejack / Unicorn's Natural Advantage

    Give Celestia a break Luna, she's a hard working pony! You can't expect her to be on the ball all the time can you?

    Comics guys! Click for full.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #589

    Horns are cheating - Octavia

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Class Filled with Pony

    Many of you probably jumped on Borderlands 2 when it came out, and noticed a certain lack of pony references in it's internet humor filled dialogue.  There were a few that "could" have been (the diamond pony for example), but nothing specific.

    It looks like they were waiting for the DLC before really going nuts with it!  Introducing the Mechromancer's skill tree, filled with pony talents. 

    Head on over to the skill calculator to check it out, or down past the break for screenshots of all of them courtesy of the first submitters, Skai and Dan Strauss

  • Story Updates October 8th (Afternoon)

    Story updates! yay~

  • Story: Make a Wish (Update Complete!)

    [Normal][Sad][Slice of Life]

    Author: Perpetual Lurker
    Description: One night, an amazing display lit up the sky over Ponyville. A comet, brighter than any in living memory, was making its way through the sea of stars. The residents of the town gathered en masse to witness the spectacle. As was the tradition for such an occasion, many ponies made a wish on the celestial body, hoping that maybe, just maybe, some of them might come true...
    Make a Wish (New Part 10!)

    Additional Tags: Wishes, Consequences, Happiness, Trust, Home
  • Top Ten Pony Videos of September

    The votes are in once again! Which videos were the best of the best in September? The top 10 list can be found after the break!

    The Movie Brony will be taking a break while finishing up the semester, and has someone else filling in for them.  Keep an eye out for those votes at the end of the month! 

  • Gameloft Teases Pony Game

    Nothing too new here.  The pony game has been in progress for quite a while now.  Hopefully this means soon as in, this month!

    This was found over at their twitter.

    Thanks to the swarms of people that sent it in! 
  • Animation: Wildfire's Road Rage

    For whatever reason, this post derped in the queue! Up it goes!

    Wildfire is Sibsy's pony, and also from the show in the finale for those that are curious.

    Find it after the break!
  • Story: The Editor in My Head

    [Random][Slice of Life] A story that provides a clinic on how to handle multiple genres while leaving a character's personality intact. - Pre-Reader 13

    Author: ScribbleStick
    Description: When Pinkie's friends can't pick a book to read, she decides to write her own with the help of an editor only she can hear. But why is Pinkie suddenly having memory lapses? Just what is the editor editing? And more importantly, will Pinkie's grammar and formatting ever improve?
    The Editor in My Head

    Additional Tags: One-shot, meta, Pinkie Pie logic

  • Twilight Sparkle Toothbrush Holder and Case for Walking Talking Pinkie

    It looks like not even your bathrooms are safe anymore.  Twilight Sparkle has popped up with a new toothbrush holder.  Outside of her eyes appearing to be a bit derped, she isn't bad looking in that molded form.  Maybe you can loosen it off and set it up as a figure? This one was found by... "Twilight Sparkle" (No relation) at Shoppers in Laurel, MD for 6 bucks.   

    And in other news, the packaging for that Pinkie Pie we posted the other day has popped up on Taobao.  That is below! Looks like it's official name is Walkin Talkin Pinkie Pie. 

  • Instrumental Music: Tangled / Aftermath - Worlds Apart / Parasitical Hunger / My Friends Don't Like Me Anymore

    Lots of orchestral, some trance, and a bit of sample mixing. It's instrumental time! Find them below.

    1.) Tangled (Orchestral)
    2.) Aftermath - Worlds Apart (Trance)
    3.) Parasitical Hunger [Original composition by NomNom] (Orchestral)
    4.) My Friends Don't Like Me Anymore (Samples)

  • Comic: Forbidden Friendship / Time Travel Makes Fools of Us All / Catch Me if You Can / Destructive Nature

    Cadance, Doctor Who, Spitfire, Dash, Rarity and Trixie! Lots of variety this time around.  And for once, no Pinkie Pie breaking any kind of walls.  That's a rare one for comic posts.

  • Story: Fire Spores

    [Slice of Life] A fic that handles emotionally charged relationships and situations with a soft touch and engaging reflections. - Pre-Reader 13

    Author: applecinnamonspice
    Description: The friends we take for granted are often the ones that leave the largest impact on our lives. When Spike falls seriously ill with a mysterious disease and the ponies strive to nurse him back to health, Twilight Sparkle comes to grips with this very realization about her number one assistant--and friend.
    Fire Spores

    Additional Tags: slice of life friendship sad

  • Nightly Roudup #461

    Panda edition! I'm in a panda mood, in fact I'm playing a panda game now.  A panda game I said I wasn't going to play.

    Have some roundup while I return to my panda game.