• Plushie Compilation #87

    Flitter hasn't had a lot of love lately so let's fix that shall we?

    Sorry for the delayed plush compilation guys! Between school and Con Crud last week I'm still playing catchup on a lot of my features. Time to hunker down and get to work again!

    Check out our plushie ponies after the break!

    Source 1
    Flitter Pony Plushie

    Source 2
    Princess Luna Season 2

    Source 3
    Fluttershy plush

    Source 4
    Large Fluttershy plush with magnetic Butterfly

    Source 5
    Custom My Little Pony Filly Woona/Luna Plush

    Source 6
    Standing Applejack

    Source 7
    [My Little Pony: FiM] Pony OC Commission

    Source 8
    Derpy Plushie: Light Background

    Source 9

    Source 10
    Rainbowdash Plushie

    Source 11
    Sapphire Shores

    Source 12
    Fluttershy Plushie (commission)

    Source 13
    OC Commission Sketchy

    Source 14
    Pinkie Pie custom Plush

    Source 15
    Big Pinkie Pie

    Source 16
    Two power girls!

    Source 17
    Apple Bloom

    Source 18
    Oppa Lyra Style!

    Source 19
    Rarity Plushie

    Source 20
    my little pony Derpy Hooves plush

    Source 21
    my little pony Trixie plush (commission)

    Source 22
    MLP fluttershy and Angel plush

    Source 23
    Giant Pinkie+outfits

    Source 24
    octavia plush

    Source 25

    Source 26
    Smiley Twiley

    Source 27
    Octavia Filly

    Source 28
    Dapper Doctor

    Source 29
    Octavia Mini

    Source 30
    Flying Dash with Goggles

    Source 31
    Twilight Plush

    Source 32
    Luna Plush

    Source 33
    Rainbow Dash Plush w/ Plushie Tutorial!