• Nightly Roundup #457

    A light day apparently means an equally light Nightly Roundup!  Luckily Twilight Sparkle is best pony, so it doesn't really matter. 

  • It's a Slow Day!

    And Luna is bored. 
  • Lunar Transmissions Interviews Cal, Cereal and Xyro

    Lunar Transmissions is interviewing Cereal, Xyro, and myself tonight during a live broadcast! If you'd like to listen in and hear my nasally sick voice from Con Crud or would like to poke one of the others with questions, please take a look at the info below.

    Greetings once again everypony, sorry we missed last week.  We at Lunar Transmissions are back in full swing and ready to whoop it on!  This week we will be interviewing:

    You can check the broadcast via the JETSTREAM tab . If you have any feedback, requests, and suggestions about who you would like to see interviewed on the show, please contact us on Twitter at @LunarTrans or email us at lunartransmissions@themidnightrun.net
    Tune in and join the live chat
    Wednesday, October 3rd at 9:30pm EST

    Additional Viewing Link: JustinTV

    Interview Over
  • Lyra Reviews: The Throne of England

    So, uh... hey guys. I kind of feel like we got off on the wrong feet. That's how you say it, right? The wrong feet? Well, anyway. I kinda couldn't help but notice a lot of you seemed really really mad at me, and I've pretty much spent the whole time trying to figure out what I did wrong.

    Then it hit me. I like to think I'm pretty darn good at sitting on things, but you guys do it all the time! You're the world sitting champs! I don't know what I was even thinking, trying to impress you with an office chair. You probably sit on twelve nicer things than that before breakfast. So I say to myself, I say, “Lyra, you're going to have to step up your game.”

    And that's just what I did. With a little bit of help from my friends, I snuck a quick little trip in to your guys' place, and I went on a quest to find the world's most totally bestest chair. You might wanna put on some glasses or something, because you will never see this coming.

  • 16 Month Coloring Calendar

    This one might be a cool one for those of you with kids, or those that love coloring.  A Christmas Tree shop in Massechusetts had these color-able 2013 calendars available for purchase.  This one in paricular was just a buck to buy, though the back lists it as $8.95.

    So, go raid Christmas tree shops!   Thanks to Sheva for the information and images!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #584

    Glorious creator edition! What would we do without her? 

    Have some art in celebration!

    Source 1
  • Story Updates October 3rd (Afternoon)

    Who could set Twilight's tree on fire?! This is an outrage!

    Have some story updates while I put it out.

  • Bronies for Good: Redheart's Roundup II Concludes!

    Last month we told you about Bronies for Good's blood drive initiative: Redheart's Roundup. It was one of the very first charity causes the group started last year, and in honor of a full year of doing good, they brought it back.

    The roundup is now concluded, having successfully donated 34 liters of life saving blood for use in hospitals and emergency situations. Giving blood is a scary thing, and one of the hardest types of charity to get people to follow through on. But it's also one of the acts with the greatest impact of anything you could donate your time and yourself towards, and to those of you who added to that number (and also to those who considered it, or who donated blood but did not enter the raffle), I say thank you. You more than deserve the cookie they gave you on the way out.

    If you did enter this blood drive, then keep watching the skies. The results of the raffle should be released later this week, or early next. Way to go!
  • Music : Filii Noctis / Sleepiebelle / Discord (Kruai Remix)

    We don't have a specific music type this time around! Have one vocal track dedicated to the greatest and most powerful moon princess, one electronic instrumental, and a dubstep remix of Eurobeat Brony's Discord.

    1.) 5COPY - Filii Noctis (Original Mix) feat. Nameless Warning
    2.) Sleepiebelle - Taps
    3.) Eurobeat Brony -- Discord (Kruai Remix)

  • Discussion: Ponify the Holidays!

    The holiday season is coming up! Costumes, presents, colored eggs, and candy galore are about to invade houses across the world.

    So far we have seen the ponies celebrate with Hearts and Hooves day, Nightmare Night, and Hearth Warming Eve.   Obviously they have a bit of ground to cover before taking over all of them!

    Your task is to choose a holiday that hasn't yet been ponified, and ponify it!  Include a name, summary of how it works in Equestria, and a backstory.  Drop your crazyness in the comments below!
  • One Day One Dollar Donation Drive for Kiki's Cancer Fund

    October 3 marks the birthday of Kiki, the little girl who has become one of the brony community's favorite charity cases. In honor of the day, Tara Strong set up a one day raffle over on Twitter. Here's the basic gist: a one euro ($1.29) donation will enter you into a raffle to win prizes like an autographed royal wedding invite, or a personalized voice message from one of several voice actors.

    Find the full details here. Remember, you do need to have your own twitter account to qualify for the raffle, but every donation still helps a little girl survive in the fight against cancer. Wish her a happy birthday!
  • Comic: Miraculous Misadventures of the Telltale Tissue / sanctuary / :iconchaoticbrony: A Dangerous Combination / Twilight Vs Technology #2

    Misadventures, rainbow dash saving, hair loss, and Twilight Sparkle using an ipod.  Have some comics!

  • Vocal/Remix Music: Manehattan Smile / ShadowBolt Dash / Pinkie's Singing Telegram

    We have a bit of acoustic vocal stuff, followed by some rap, and finish with a remix of Singing Telegram. Find them below!

    1.) Manehattan Smile
    2.) ShadowBolt Dash (FT Rhyme Flow!)
    3.) Pinkie's Singing Telegram (PhonyBrony Remix)

  • Nightly Roundup #456

    In celebration of the recent Harvest Moon have some Luna! I may be coughing up a lung thanks to Con Crud, but that shouldn't keep you guys from getting your nightly news! Check it out after the break.