• Lunar Transmissions Interviews Cal, Cereal and Xyro

    Lunar Transmissions is interviewing Cereal, Xyro, and myself tonight during a live broadcast! If you'd like to listen in and hear my nasally sick voice from Con Crud or would like to poke one of the others with questions, please take a look at the info below.

    Greetings once again everypony, sorry we missed last week.  We at Lunar Transmissions are back in full swing and ready to whoop it on!  This week we will be interviewing:

    You can check the broadcast via the JETSTREAM tab . If you have any feedback, requests, and suggestions about who you would like to see interviewed on the show, please contact us on Twitter at @LunarTrans or email us at [email protected]themidnightrun.net
    Tune in and join the live chat
    Wednesday, October 3rd at 9:30pm EST

    Additional Viewing Link: JustinTV

    Interview Over