• Bronies for Good: Redheart's Roundup II Concludes!

    Last month we told you about Bronies for Good's blood drive initiative: Redheart's Roundup. It was one of the very first charity causes the group started last year, and in honor of a full year of doing good, they brought it back.

    The roundup is now concluded, having successfully donated 34 liters of life saving blood for use in hospitals and emergency situations. Giving blood is a scary thing, and one of the hardest types of charity to get people to follow through on. But it's also one of the acts with the greatest impact of anything you could donate your time and yourself towards, and to those of you who added to that number (and also to those who considered it, or who donated blood but did not enter the raffle), I say thank you. You more than deserve the cookie they gave you on the way out.

    If you did enter this blood drive, then keep watching the skies. The results of the raffle should be released later this week, or early next. Way to go!

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