• Duct Tape Rainbow Dash Timelapse

    I remember back in the day when Duct Tape was used for actually taping things!  I'm perfectly fine with it's new job as an artistic medium though!

    Head on down past the break to watch Rainbow Dash come to life via duct tape!

  • PMV: South Park Intro / Pinkie Feels Fantastic / Why's the Rum Gone?!

    This is probably one of the oddest PMV posts we have had in a while! Based on the title, you can probably guess why that one falls into this category though if you have ever seen the original.

    Anyway, have a bit of Southpark, happy Pinkie Pie, and rum.

    1.) [PMV] South Park Intro
    2.) Pinkie Feels Fantastic
    3.) [PMV] My Little Pony: Why's the rum gone!? - Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Tara Strong Cosplays As Twilight Sparkle at Canterlot Gardens

    Well. Apparently this was a thing. You can find a video of her revealing herself to the crowd here. Her official tweet is here, and the other shot was by a fan. Pretty sure she's got a lightbulb on her hornpiece in that second one.

  • Animations: 'Pega' | 'My Little Seniors'

    Double the animations, double the fun! Or something like that. If that happens to be a trademark by some large company, I take money by Paypal. I've got two animations here for you guys today:

    Pega - Custom 3D animation abound! This one's about a pegasus who totally cuts a wave in half. It's as awesome as it sounds.

    My Little Senior - Bonus! This one was inspired by the FiM voice actresses.

    Find them both after the break!

  • 'Last Exit To Ponyville' Update

    Last Exit to Ponyville, the radio show we featured earlier this month, is ready to start recording their first October show, and you know what that means: they need call-ins from you guys!

    Want to be on the show? Read their blurb below!

    Greetings ladies and gentlecolts!

    We are preparing for our first October episode on Last exit to Ponyville to record next week and that means... MORE CALL INS!

    Our question is: "What is your favorite moment of season 1?"

    We will be using a max of 5 minutes for call ins for this show BUT fear not,I will include them in our post credit roll for the show so no matter what (within reason, you'll be on the show!) Our call in number is 817-717-7202 OR you can email us @ feedback@thisweekingeek.net subject: Ponyville.

    Lastly we want to grow our community and interact with you on a daily basis so visit our new facebook page

    All new shows will be posted here

    Here is a sneak peak at the Ponyville Giftshop as well

  • Smell Like Apples at Big Lots!

    Is Applejack your favorite pony of all time? Do you dream of working long hours on Sweet Apple Acres and taking a break in an apple filled farm house with the apple family while eating various apple products and showering with their apple scented cleaning products?  You might want to head on over to Big Lots then and pick up a set of apple scented bath products!  That's a lot of soap for just five bucks!

    The submitter, Regan, also pointed out that they had a 10 dollar "mane care" set complete with hairclips and a comb. 

    I bet conventions would be way cooler if these were passed out for free with tickets! 

  • National Pony Writing Month Completion post!

    You guys just love that writing thing.  So much so that Noble Cause needed a bit of time to get it all compiled!  It looks like quite a few people hit the 50k mark this year.  That's straight up impressive guys! I get tired after just a paragraph.

    And because of that, I'll let Noble take over from here.  Head on down past the break for a list of entries and his closing speech!

  • DVD Containing Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 Packaged With Next Year's Brushie Singles

    That was a very long title!

    Whatshisgame reports to us that a DVD containing the episode Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 will be packaged with next year's brushable toy packages, one of which was the Crystal Empire Fluttershy we saw earlier this month. The email blurb explains it thusly:

    A DVD of The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 will be coming in four brushable toy packages (one of which is that Crystal Empire Fluttershy we saw at the beginning of this month). The assortment has been listed for pre-order online by Midtown Comics, Comics Infinity, Westfield Comics, Things From Another World, Movie Replicas Direct, and Urban Collector, generally with a release date of January 30, 2013 or a bit later. But the retail price is $83.88, and the lowest any of those sites are selling for right now is $67.10—either it’s for whole cases full, or the Flim Flam brothers themselves are behind this!


  • Drawfriend Stuff #580

    Can ponies in braces be a thing? Cause I want this to be a thing.

    Have some art while I go hire an orthodontist.

    Source 1
    Ready for the Prom
  • Story Updates September 29th (Afternoon)

    A swarm of updates today.  Hope you guys brought your reading glasses. 

  • Story: Lost And Found (Update Part Complete!)

    [Adventure] [Shipping] "If you liked Within and Without, give this story your immediate attention. Cloudy Skies is deceptively adept at writing adventure fics as he is with his normal subject matter, and I think even new readers of his will enjoy his latest offering. The ways he portrays our favorite pastel ponies are as convincing as they are enjoyable, and I invite you to get lost in his world to see what you find." -- Pre-reader \--,

    Author: Cloudy Skies
    Description: Applejack had long since taken the Hearth’s Warming Eve story for fact. When she and Fluttershy find themselves in an untamed wilderness, they’ll learn that not all history is preserved. In their struggle to find their way home, the two will unearth secrets unknown to any living being, pony or otherwise.

    Half a world away, the others have problems of their own. As Rainbow Dash struggles to discover exactly what she is to her oldest friend, Twilight must face the stunning truth about her long-time mentor.

    In the end, what is lost, and what is found?
    Lost and Found (New Part 31+31+Epilogue!)

    Additional Tags: Long-distance Shipping, FlutterDash, History
  • Fighting is Magic Tourney Begins!

    We are a bit late on this one, but for that wanted to catch the Fighting is Magic tournament, the delays are finally over on it!  Head on over to the Mane6 website to check it out, or hit the stream up directly. 

    And if you want a complete list of moves, they released a post on it here.
  • Animation Trailer: Snowdrop

    Season 3? Pff! We have so much fan animation on the way we might as well just run our own series at this point! Silly Filly Studios has released a trailer for their upcoming "snowdrop" with the following synopsis:
    Wonderfully written by Meredith Sims (https://www.youtube.com/user/Emichwan88), Snowdrop is a heartwarming tale that takes you back in time to after Discord's reign, when Equestria was still young. It follows a young filly who makes a discovery that offers Cloudsdale--and Equestria--a gift, one that today many take for granted.
    Yeah, I can't wait.  Check the trailer out after the break.

  • Canterlot Gardens Sold Out

    There's been a large number of people coming into the door at Canterlot Gardens trying to get into the convention as walk ins. Unfortunately, the convention is sold out.

    This applies to both Saturday and Sunday passes. If you've been considering attending, you will unfortunately have to wait another year. Please take this under advisement. Go see a movie. Eat lunch somewhere nice. Just hang out with friends and try to get a head start on salvaging the day/weekend. And remember, the only way to guarantee yourself a place in any convention is to pre-register.

    This has been a public service announcement from your friends at Equestria Daily. EqD: The only place for pony news where all the staff are obsessed with whales. I'm tired. Peace out.
  • Rolling Stone Reports on Andrew WK at Canterlot Gardens + Panel Video

    Image Source: Rolling Stone

    I'm sure you are all curious about what exactly Andrew W.K.'s goals were at a pony convention.  He may love Pinkie Pie almost too much, but is he actually into this whole Friendship is Magic thing?   Head on over to their page to check out what they thought about it, and for a few quotes from the professional partier himself!

    And after the break, you can find a recording of the full panel for those of you that missed the livestream.

  • "The Convention" - Parody

    The two behind Friendship is Witchcraft has done a parody of "At the Gala" to celebrate Canterlot Gardens.

    It's actually pretty catchy! Check it out below the break. 

  • Comic: The Hero / Maybe Catch'em / I Rigged It / That YT Song

    Caped mares, Pokemons, Luna polls, and Pinkie Pie being even more random than usual.  It's comic time!

  • Instrumental Music: My Cadence / Sweetie Bot Tribute Song / Abandoned

    I'd make Luna the official mascot of Instrumental posts, but she isn't included in this one for whatever reason! Have some music.

    1.) My Cadence (Orchestral Arrangement)
    2.) Element7 - CRUSH. KILL. DESTROY. HUG. | Sweetie Bot Tribute Song (Samples / Electronic)
    3.) Abandoned (By TheDashDub) (Soft Electronic/Strings)

  • More Welovefine Shirts with Crazy References

    Is that... Katamari Dapony?  Can they do that?  Can they roll ponies up into a ball and turn it into a planet? 

    Welovefine has released a bunch of new designs over in their pony section.  These guys seem to be dropping them at an almost weekly rate now days.  Keep growing pony fandom!

    And in other news, it looks like they have run out of blindbags for their free pony promo.  I'm sure we will see them replaced by something soon though!

    Anyway, check out the rest of the designs after the break.
  • Sweetie Belle Plays Minecraft

    What do we do when Sweetie Belle's voice actor releases lets plays of her shenanigans in Minecraft? We animate it of course!   It's super simple, but also completely ridiculous.  Check it out below!

  • Nightly Roundup #452

    Roundup time! It's not the longest ever, but it does have cake. You like cake right?

    And thanks to the guys from Dusk's Dawn for the new EQD header! I guess you guys were sick of Jet Set Radio!