• PMV: "Buy Some Apples!" - A Visual // My Little Madness 2 // Hero Nas

    Sorry, Fluttershy, 'mean' isn't really in your vocabulary. Ignoring that time where you totally stepped on Twilight's flowers. That was kind of a jerk move. You know Twilight didn't plant those herself- does she look like a gardener?

    Three PMVs built houses, and all three were made of ponies. Page break, click.

    1) "Buy Some Apples!" - A Visual
    2) My Little Madness 2
    3) Hero Nas (PMV) Feat. Rainbow Dash

  • Toy Review - Toys R' Us Exclusive Favorite Collection

    After a week of calling around here in Arizona, I finally nailed a Toys R' Us with a Favorites collection in stock (the last one at that, I seem to run into this situation a lot).  It was pulled from their website a while back, so the only way to check is to call.  The actual employees commented on how popular My Little Pony stuff is right now.  Apparently they had a few Zecoras back on the 16th  and completely ran out in a day.  Hopefully I will still be able to pull off that glowy Zebra army! Hasbro! We need more ponies!

    Anyhow, you guys wanted more review, so here you go! Below the break is my review on the Favorites Collection.

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask the Vet and This Apple Bloom

    As a pet owner, I can certainly support the premise of our first tumblr featured tonight. Starring the vet pony from Secret of Excess, Ask the Vet takes a look into the life of Ponyville's pet care professional. Filled with great show style artwork, and filled with questions about all sorts of animals it's worth a peek if you're an animal lover yourself!

    Ask the Vet - First Page - Current Page

    Check out our other spotlight after the break!
  • Music: VS General Mumble // Far From Home // University Days //

    They think our heads are in their hands,
    But violent use brings violent plans.
    Keep him tied, it makes him well,
    He's getting better, can't you tell?

    Starting out with some interesting instrumental tracks all up in this post! First, we have a boss theme for General Mumble, followed by a guitar piece, and finishing with, according to the musician: "the 76345629826th dubstep track with orchestral elements about Vinyl and Octavia."

    He promises it's good though. And so do we. I guarantee it.

    1) VS General Mumble (Stinkin' Thinkin' Remix)
    2) Kyoga - Far From Home
    3) Addictia - University Days

  • Discussion: Your Favorite Movie is Being Ponified

    Hasbro is once again asking for your assistance as vice president of pony relations.  They have plans to ponify a movie for their upcoming "Ponies of Hollywood" toyline.  You have been given free reign to decide on the framework for the entire project.    There are a few requirements though!

    The main characters must be played by the mane 6.  It's up to you where each fits in.  Maybe Twilight Sparkle would make a good Harry Potter with a lightning scar over her cutie mark? Or perhaps a Pinkie Pie terminator who eliminates her targets with the power of SMILES?  It's up to you!

    Along with this, the villian of whatever movie you choose has to be played by one of the antagonists we have seen so far in FiM.   Diamond Dog Doctor Evil maybe?

    Drop it in the comments below!
  • Remix War Day 2!

    The second wave of Remix War submissions is currently being shown off. Head on over to the My Little Remix page for information on links and overflow channels to check it out!
  • Wallpaper Compilation #64

    I'd play this game, even if ponies technically don't fit too well in a universe like this!

    Or do they...  We haven't seen much of Manehattan yet have we?

    Have some wallpapers while I go ponder it.

    Source 1

  • Music: You're Going To Love Me // Into the Storm // Tavi and Scratch //

    Barking of machine gun fire
    does nothing to me now!
    Sounding of the clock that ticks,
    get used to it somehow!

    I'm pretty sure Twilight has no words in this situations, which is sort of thematically appropriate since these are instrumental pony tracks! This hour we have a theme for Fluttershy, a song based on the events of Hearth's Warming Eve, and a finisher with Octavia and Scratch.

    1) You're Going To Love Me (Fluttershy's Theme) [remastered]
    2) Into the Storm
    3) Yourenigma - Tavi and Scratch - Full Suite

  • White Celestia Packaged and Confirmed for Crystal Empire

    It looks like that white Celestia that was floating around unpackaged a while back has finally gained some background.  She appears to be a part of the upcoming/current Crystal Empire line.  We also have a bit more Luna just for the hell of it, though they appear to be using the old vectors as opposed to the ROYAL CANTERLOT vector.

    I'm glad white Celestia seems to be the new toy canon finally! And none of it would be possible without the Mrs. Mi Amore Cadenza!

    Because She's the hero Celestia deserves, a retail store punching bag. So we'll sell her. Because she can take it. She's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A pretty pink princess pony.

    Thanks to Twizzle Pony for the heads up!
  • Story Updates September 2nd (Morning)

    Story update time! Luna is moving galaxies just for you!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #552

    I saw a lot of "More Applejack" in that recommendation post.  You guys don't draw enough of her though!  How many of you would like to see an Applejack themed day?  We would need your support on it of course!

    Have some art.

    Source 1
    Admiral AppleJack
  • PMV: Ursa Minor // Party Foul // Awoken //

    I've got an idea- how about I post some pony videos? You guys like pony videos, right? Honestly I'm not sure. I'm not sure this whole pony thing is going to take off. Seems like a long shot, but we'll see.

    Three spectacular PMVs for you today! Even got a typography one in there. Page break, click.

    1) My Little Pony PMV - Ursa Minor
    2) [PMV] Party Foul
    3) Awoken - 3D Typography Video

  • Flash: 2012 Artist Training Grounds: The Movie / UCF Part 2

    We have a Daring Do flash this time around! Some of the animation (mainly the first 20 seconds) is a bit odd, but its 5 minutes long and focused on Daring Do, so what more can you ask for? Apparently the entire thing was done for the Artist Training Grounds too! I'd say that's a pretty huge accomplishment for an event based on drawing static images.

    And for those following the Ponies vs Adventure Time series, the second episode is out. Check that below as well!

  • Nightly Roundup #426

    I have heard your feedback, and it sounds like you all unanimously want... more Trixie!

    Seriously though, I responded to a whole bunch of you in the comments.  We got some amazing feedback in that post, and lots of ideas are on the way!   Feel free to dig through it if you are curious. I'll probably get a followup going tomorrow some time. 

    Have some roundup in the meantime!