• Discussion: Your Favorite Movie is Being Ponified

    Hasbro is once again asking for your assistance as vice president of pony relations.  They have plans to ponify a movie for their upcoming "Ponies of Hollywood" toyline.  You have been given free reign to decide on the framework for the entire project.    There are a few requirements though!

    The main characters must be played by the mane 6.  It's up to you where each fits in.  Maybe Twilight Sparkle would make a good Harry Potter with a lightning scar over her cutie mark? Or perhaps a Pinkie Pie terminator who eliminates her targets with the power of SMILES?  It's up to you!

    Along with this, the villian of whatever movie you choose has to be played by one of the antagonists we have seen so far in FiM.   Diamond Dog Doctor Evil maybe?

    Drop it in the comments below!