• PMV: A Weird PMV / Taxmare

    I'm not too sure on the title for that first one, but Luna as a taxmare is definitely weird.  Head on past the break for more PMV goodness!

    1.) A weird PMV
    2.) Tax Mare

  • Album Compilation: D.A.N / Operation Icky / Apple 2012 / THE SIX⁴ / PPS 2011

    We have a bunch of new albums for you all today.  As requested by some of the musicians in the community, we are now asking that you include a blurb with your submission if you plan on sending one in.

    After the break, you will find each of them, as well as a synopsis. Click the images to go to their bandcamp pages.

    Now go support our music community!

  • Nicole Oliver Interviewed on 33 Avenue Miquelon

    The fashion blog, 33 Avenue Miquelon, has done an interview with Nicole Oliver.  While not all of it is completely pony related, it's actually a pretty interesting look into the life of our favorite sun goddess's voice actor.

    Check it out here!
  • Story: Neon Labyrinth

    [Sad][Slice of Life]

    Author: SoundofRainfall
    Description: Vinyl Scratch dreams of flashing lights, thundering bass, late nights, and crazy parties. However, the runaway adolescent soon finds her fantasy crashing down around her as the past starts to catch up. Who can she turn to when everything falls apart? Will she make it big and live the dream, or is the high she's chasing one without a safety net below?
    Neon Labyrinth

    Additional Tags: Running, Dreams, Irresponsibility, Reliance, Deception
  • Everfree Northwest Announces: James "Wootie" Wootton and Jim Miller

    Everfree Northwest might be right around the corner, but that won't stop them from announcing even more guests! This time, they're bringing on a pair of Jameses, of the both "Wootie" and "Big Jim" varieties. These guys are both super big names at the very top of DHX Media, and are responsible for a lot of the things that make Friendship is Magic so beautiful and engaging. And they'll have a panel at the convention, how exciting is that? I'll tell you: it's super exciting!

    For all of the official press release goodness, check below the page break!

  • Top Ten Videos and Music of July

    While a slower month overall, July didn't disappoint at all for content! We got some of the best things ever last month!

    Both TheMovieBrony and Saberspark have released their community voted top 10 listings.  Both music and videos can be found after the break!
  • Amy Keating Rogers Invades Canterlot Gardens!

    It looks like Amy Keating Rogers is joining the already star-studded group of big names at Canterlot Gardens! Now you guys get to bug her about her awesome Smile Smile Smile alternate versions and pony writing once again!

    And as is the norm for CG, a John DiMaggio has always been added.  I wouldn't mind a bender pony in Futurama.

    Head on past the break for the press release!
  • Trailers/Intros: Twilight (Luther intro parody) / Pony Story 2

    We have a ponified intro of BBC's Luther in the first slot.  Basing it off of the actual intro, I'd say its a pretty damn accurate representation! And in the second slot, some Toy Story 2, with editing and lip syncing galore.  Both of these are awesome, so hit them up after the break!

  • Instrumental Music: Twilight's Battle Theme / Veracity of the Night / Fixing Everything / Ignition

    Yes, the bass is in fact strong enough.  We have a whole bunch of electronic music in this one, as well as some orchestral battle rock to start it off.  Head on down below for genres, and after the break for embeds. 

    1.) DasDeer - Twilight's Battle Theme (Battle rock)
    2.) Veracity of the Night (Luna) - CommandSpry (Drums and Bass)
    3.) Fixing Everything (Dubstep)
    4.) Flaedr - Ignition (Dubstep / Samples / House)

  • Story: Love Is In The Air

    [Comedy] [Shipping]

    Author: Blueshift
    Description: Twilight Sparkle is fed up of her unrequited love for Rainbow Dash. She has decided that the time has come to reveal the passion she has kept hidden for so long - but how? There is only one sane, logical way to do this.

    She must become a cloud.

    Nothing can go wrong.

    Love Is In The Air

    Additional Tags:
    Cloudy with hints of rain
  • Journey of the Spark [Storyboard Animatic Scene #1]

    We have yet another awesome looking animation project on the way.  I love watching this fandom evolve so quickly!

    This one looks to be a return of Discord style film, with a whole bunch awesome talent already backing it.  They are in need of a few people to boost their team up a bit though! Check out the synopsis below, and the embed/list of roles they are looking for after the break!
    “Journey of the Spark” follows the story of Twilight Sparkle causing a rift between her friends that forces her to run away, feeling as though her friends can never forgive her.

    This bout of dissension and confusion between the girls causes Discord, lord of chaos and disharmony, to once again break free of his bonds, allowing him to plot the end of harmony. Her soul weakened by guilt, Twilight agrees to a deal with Discord that will forever separate her from everyone she ever loved.

    Now, in times of great darkness, the girls must venture beyond the reaches of Equestria to find Twilight and rekindle their fractured friendship if they wish to restore the Elements of Harmony once again.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #528

    What royal guards do when the princesses aren't visiting ponyville edition!

    And Apple Fritter banner as requested in this post by D0ra0g0n

    Source 1
    The Shady Trough
  • Vocal Music: Good Girl - [Dasha and The Living Tombstone]

    And you guys said he could only do electronic stuff! Looks like Tomb proved everyone wrong on that one.  This collab with Dasha is straight up awesome.  Head on past the break to check it out!

  • Comic: Sisterhoof Social: Celestia and Luna / Ironic Punishment / Sonic Rainsplash / Fluttership Down

    We have some Madmax, a bit of  Pony Joe, Rainbow Dash overdoing it, and Fluttershy enjoying bunny movies.  Click for full!

  • Short Flash: Toothpaste Canon / Faster

    We have some shorter ones this time around! Above, Colgate shows off her secret weapon, and below, Rainbow Dash meets her new fastest pony in Equestria rival.  Click the images for full! 

  • Music Remix: BBBFF (Regret is Forever Remix) / BBFF Rock! / MLP Fighting is Magic - Queen Chrysalis Theme

    Oh hey! PinkiePieSwear is back! It's about time! Check out his new remix in the first slot. And just in case that isn't enough BBBFF for you, we have a rock remix from ClaireAnneCarr. The last song is yet another remix from KingSparta, this time focusing on the battle side of This Day Aria.

    Head on past the break for everything!

    1.) Daniel Ingram - BBBFF (Regret is Forever Remix)
    2.) BBBFF Rock!
    3.) MLP Fighting is Magic - Queen Chrysalis Theme

  • Nightly Roundup #402

    Luna is telling me to go to bed, but there is news to be done. I'll hit the hay after that, yes.

    News time everyone! Check it out after the break.

    Also, thanks to D0ra0g0n for the delicious apple themed banner!

  • Story Updates August 9th (Midnight)

    Always did like Cheerilee.  Something about that color scheme and the curvy hair style.

    Have some story updates!
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 8

    Greetings everyone! Another night means another round of the training grounds and as always you all came through with flying colors! Phoe and I are incredibly proud of you all as you continue to show again and again that you can stick with this. There is still so much pony left to draw though, so hang in there and keep your chin up; you can do it! Phoe is out tonight so Calpain will be your substitute host for this evening's proceedings, which include a wonderful 656 ponies engaged in bitter conflict contained in our gallery. This makes for a grand total so far of, oh, just a mere 6670 images as we continue our little event! Keep making us pick our jaws off the floor you extraordinary pony folk!

    You can check out the gallery for submissions here.

    For Day 8 submissions, just follow this link and fill out the form. If you have any comments or questions that need to be addressed, send them to phoe@equestriadaily.com. Don't be afraid to send in anything that you are concerned with!

    Now on to today's theme! Phoe left the post up to me so I did a lot of thinking on this one. Looking back on the previous training grounds for ideas I stumbled across many old articles, and many old comments. I saw the first Roundup, Phoe's first ever comment as a freshly minted blog author, and many, many drawings by artists taking their first stab at art. Life is full of firsts and trying new things, after all we probably all wouldn't be here if we didn't take the plunge and try this pony thing. So tonight's theme will be to Draw a Pony Trying Something New. Give those ponies a chance at something fresh and exciting, something outside what they'd normally do like what a certain author is experiencing right now.

    I wish you all the best and letting me in on the excitement! Hop to it guys! I know you'll make us (and hopefully yourselves as well) proud.