• Journey of the Spark [Storyboard Animatic Scene #1]

    We have yet another awesome looking animation project on the way.  I love watching this fandom evolve so quickly!

    This one looks to be a return of Discord style film, with a whole bunch awesome talent already backing it.  They are in need of a few people to boost their team up a bit though! Check out the synopsis below, and the embed/list of roles they are looking for after the break!
    “Journey of the Spark” follows the story of Twilight Sparkle causing a rift between her friends that forces her to run away, feeling as though her friends can never forgive her.

    This bout of dissension and confusion between the girls causes Discord, lord of chaos and disharmony, to once again break free of his bonds, allowing him to plot the end of harmony. Her soul weakened by guilt, Twilight agrees to a deal with Discord that will forever separate her from everyone she ever loved.

    Now, in times of great darkness, the girls must venture beyond the reaches of Equestria to find Twilight and rekindle their fractured friendship if they wish to restore the Elements of Harmony once again.

    Current Voice Talents:
    Meredith Sims (Fighting is Magic) as Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy, Rev (Epic Wub Time) as Discord, MEMJ0123 (Project Saturation) as Princess Celestia, Simbaga (Fighting is Magic) as Pinkie Pie, Jenny Nicholson (Friendship is Witchcraft) as Rainbow Dash, newcomer Sarah Williams as Rarity and Princess Luna, Kira Buckland (AKA Rina Chan, .MOV Series) as Princess Cadence, and many many more!

    Looking for the Following:
    Animators (Animation Directors included), Background Artists, Vector Artists, Concept Artists, Effects Artists, Sound Designers, Sound Editors, and a Composer. For anyone wanting to sign on to help with the film, they can e-mail us as officialsparkmovie@gmail.com. We also have a YouTube account and a Production Blog on Tumblr. Here is a link to the Animatic as I mentioned before: