• Album Compilation: D.A.N / Operation Icky / Apple 2012 / THE SIX⁴ / PPS 2011

    We have a bunch of new albums for you all today.  As requested by some of the musicians in the community, we are now asking that you include a blurb with your submission if you plan on sending one in.

    After the break, you will find each of them, as well as a synopsis. Click the images to go to their bandcamp pages.

    Now go support our music community!

    PPS 2011
    Album Blurb:
    Hello all you pony music lovers! This is PinkiePieSwear. I just want to let you all know that I'm releasing a 12 track album that will contain remastered versions of all 9 of my classic songs plus 3 bonus tracks if you get the album. I remastered the songs and compiled them into this album so that my fans, if they wished to do so, could help support me by heading over to bandcamp and buying it.

    It's $4 for all 12 tracks. As a lot of you probably already know, these songs are available for free. But in case you didn't know, you can download the mp3 versions for free at my tindeck account, so purchasing the album in order to download the tracks is completely optional. Buying the album for $4 (or more if you want to help out more) will really help me get my foot in the door with this whole music thing. I'd love to make it a career, and you guys are what got me back into it in the first place, so I pretty much owe everything to all of you.

    Thank you so much for reading, and have a great day! Expect new music from me very soon!

    Operation Icky
    Album Blurb:
    Featuring tracks from ArtAttack, StormWolf, Addictia and more, the album is a combined effort to help get the musician Icky to Everfree Northwest for a live performance alongside the artist Addictia. While the album is completely free to download, any donations to support the cause are appreciated - you can download the album for free should the free tokens run out here: minus.com/lehSWf7J8Krgh

    Apple 2012
    Album Blurb:
    Apple 2012 is Balloon Party's encore album, featuring a selection of mashups between artists. Some of the songs were used in the Bronycon performance.

    Any donations received through the *optional* purchase of this album (all of the albums are optional to purchase, btw) will go towards assisting musicians through EFNW and Circuitfry through college. These donations will be used separately from the donations sent through the other albums.

    Permission has been obtained from all of the involved Balloon Party musicians to use these songs in this album for this purpose.

    Internet Friends and Tourniquet are copyright of Knife Party. The remix is freely distributed and is considered under fair use protection as parody.

    THE SIX⁴
    Album Blurb:
    I've decided to give myself a challenge as a musician and make my version of the main/mane six and more in a unique way with the vocal help of Rina Chan and my girlfriend Moopy. I can't really explain much about the album, it's something you just have to hear. Hope that everyone enjoys listening and considers buying.

    Album Blurb:
    This Album, created by a brony muscian with some vagualy pony related music, represents the fandom more than the show itself.
    You can interpret it anyway you want, some people say some of the songs represent the CMC  some tell me it is their "personal athem" and some tell me its about the community. however to myself its the evolution of my viewpoint on the world as i gradually age through life.