• William Anderson's Poem on the Seasons

    I shed 300 tears.   William Anderson has magic words.
  • Norwegian Pony book: Translated

    Someone going by the name of Simon has translated a Norwegian pony book into english for all you people that can't read Norwegian, or don't feel like importing foreign pony books!

    There is a short story, as well as a few mini games (Matching and quiz).  Head on past the break for everything!

  • Flash: Wake Up Applejack! / SPAAACE

    More crazy animation/flash for you guys, though the first rolls a bit more in the PMV direction.  We have Applejack up above, and Rainbow Dash flying through SPAAACE below.  Is it still space if it's that high above the moon? Or is that technically still the moon?  I guess I should look that up some time...

    Anyway, click for full! 

  • iPhone and iPod cases at Welovefine!

    Welovefine has added a set of iPhone and iPad cases to their ever growing stock of Friendship is Magic nick nacks.   Right now they don't have a whole lot in stock, but plan on adding more very soon.  Right now three designs are available, including Doctor Hooves, a mural of all 6 main cast ponies, and Vinyl Scratch.  Head on past the break to check out all of them, or hit their website up here!

  • Flash: Applejack's Double Life / Gem Stone Archery

    Applejack makes a pretty good cowmare.  Maybe that's what we need to spice her up? Some good old fashioned western style shootouts!  As long as Derpy doesn't completely dominate her again, it should be perfect!

    And below, we have a demonstration of pony archery.  (Protip: It still doesn't make any sense)

  • PMV: Becoming Popular Typography / Rainbow Dash PMV: Ignition / Deejay Just Like me PMV

    We have some typography, and two PMVs! Check them all out below!

    1.) Becoming Popular | MLP: Friendship Is Magic Kinetic Typography
    2.) Rainbow Dash PMV: Ignition
    3.) Deejay Just Like me PMV

  • Daniel Ingram and Andrew Francis Confirmed for Everfree Northwest!

    You heard it right, folks! Check out the press release under the break!

  • Ratings Begin for Welovefine Pony Contests!

    The My Little Pony design contests over at Welovefine have started their voting phase.  Each one has it's own separate category, with a huge amount of entries in each:

    Rainbow Dash - 241
    Fluttershy - 231
    Twilight Saprkle - 228

    That is a pretty even split! Hope you guys pick some awesome ones! Just scanning through them quickly, I can tell this is going to be a pretty epic battle. 
  • Story: Letters From Ponyville (Update Part 4!)

    [Normal-Slice of Life] "Tired of ponyfics filled with sadness, wars, explosions, copious amounts of blood, humans, torture, and/or lesbianism? Sit back, relax, and have a story about ponies enjoying some friendship and magic." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates.

    Author: FearlessXIII
    Description: Life can be a rough gig, and life in Ponyville is no exception. Between pestering Parasprite plagues, dreadful Diamond Dog droves, and colorful Crusader craziness, Twilight Sparkle could tell you that moving to a new town can be quite a hassle. This… is not her story.

    Instead, meet Reason. He is not a bearer of one of the Elements of Harmony. He is not a cadet-warrior-pegasus-in-train
    ing. He is not a wandering unicorn vagabond living in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic Equestria (that would be silly). No, Reason is a regular earth pony with regular earth pony problems trying to carve out a life for himself and his sister in the not-so-regular town of Ponyville.

    Set during the events of Season One, Reason must navigate the perils of a normal pony’s life in a town that is less than normal, juggling romance and duty, and ultimately discovering for himself whether friendship truly is magic... Or, you know, not.

    After all, in a place like Ponyville, anything is possible.
    Letters From Ponyville Part 1
    Letters From Ponyville Part 2
    Letters From Ponyville Part 3
    Letters From Ponyville Part 4 (New!)

    Letters From Ponyville Alt
    Additional Tags: I'll have mine plain, please
  • Breaking News: Big Mac Says Maybe

    Expert "Nope" enthusiast Mr. Big D Macintosh has signed on with rival faction "Maybe" in what mares everywhere are calling "The most surprising media event of the decade!".  News organizations around Equestria are swarming his place of residence, but The Big M (his new self proclaimed name) refuses to elaborate on his sudden change of heart.  Some suspect he may be going through a midlife crysis, though gossip about a love interest leaving him for Socialite extraordinaire Fancy Pants has been floating around in Ponyville. 

    To experience a literal glimpse at the meaning of the universe for yourself, click this.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #516

    I think I only watch this show for the cute ponies.

    Have some art! 

    Source 1
    Flutter Rock
  • Steam Game Charity Raffle Begins!

    Time to deck out those kids in Uganda with a good old fashioned charity raffle!   For the full writeup of information, reference the post from yesterday!

    Head on over to Mic the Microphones Livestream right now to join in!

    They also have a going live video, find that after the break!

  • Spa Ponies To Get Official Toy?

    See, look at her. Check that pony out. This was sent in by several of you, detailing the find by one mshesha over on pony collector site mlparena. The figurine was seen for sale on Taobao, which means we're in for a wonderful roller coaster of "yes its confirmed" "no its not" "hey does this smell like chloroform to you?" sniff thud scrape. Or maybe that's just me.

    Either way, the seller can be seen offering several pieces from the yet-to-be-released Blind Bag 5 set (thank you whatshisgame for the additional confirmation), which does at least lend credence to the official nature of this Spalicious pony.

    Will Aloe and Lotus finally take center stage and step into the spotlight, or is it all just wishful thinking? And what might their official names be? Time will tell, so don't touch that dial!
  • Vocal/Remix Music: Constellations (UnderpΩny Remix) / In Order Of Chaos / You can follow me - Olivebates

    We have a remix of Constellations, and two new vocal tracks.  Check them all out below!

    1.) Aviators - Constellations (UnderpΩny Remix)
    2.) Equestria Dude - In Order Of Chaos
    3.) You can follow me - Olivebates

  • Comic: Rainbow Dash's Canvas / Pinkie Light / A Usual Day

    We have some Madmax, Twilight Sparkle being assertive, and Pinkie Pie making a joke about a joke we joke around about way too much that really needs a breath of fresh air but never will because shes Pinkie Pie.  Click for full!

  • Trevor Devall (Iron Will and Fancy Pants) Interviewed!

    Well this is a new one! He hasn't had a whole lot of air time in FiM, but Trevor Devall has played some pretty badass characters in the series.  The Dennis Daniel show cornered him for a full 47 minute interview.  Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Story Updates July 27th (Morning)

    Just four tonight! Finally! Have some updates.