• Story: Letters From Ponyville (Update Part 4!)

    [Normal-Slice of Life] "Tired of ponyfics filled with sadness, wars, explosions, copious amounts of blood, humans, torture, and/or lesbianism? Sit back, relax, and have a story about ponies enjoying some friendship and magic." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates.

    Author: FearlessXIII
    Description: Life can be a rough gig, and life in Ponyville is no exception. Between pestering Parasprite plagues, dreadful Diamond Dog droves, and colorful Crusader craziness, Twilight Sparkle could tell you that moving to a new town can be quite a hassle. This… is not her story.

    Instead, meet Reason. He is not a bearer of one of the Elements of Harmony. He is not a cadet-warrior-pegasus-in-train
    ing. He is not a wandering unicorn vagabond living in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic Equestria (that would be silly). No, Reason is a regular earth pony with regular earth pony problems trying to carve out a life for himself and his sister in the not-so-regular town of Ponyville.

    Set during the events of Season One, Reason must navigate the perils of a normal pony’s life in a town that is less than normal, juggling romance and duty, and ultimately discovering for himself whether friendship truly is magic... Or, you know, not.

    After all, in a place like Ponyville, anything is possible.
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