• Daniel Ingram and Andrew Francis Confirmed for Everfree Northwest!

    You heard it right, folks! Check out the press release under the break!

    Greetings once again, everypony. As the day draws nearer to the convention, we're looking for even more ways to make it special. In that vein, we are very lucky to announce a few last-minute guests who wished to join the party:

    That's right, dear pony friends, Daniel Ingram will be joining us in the flesh at Everfree Northwest. To fans of My Little Pony, Mr. Ingram needs no introduction. Daniel is the musical mind behind all the memorable songs and sweeping, Broadway-style numbers that help to set this show apart from anything else. And in turn, it is largely because of his music that our own fan community has produced so much of it's own rich musical contributions. While you may know him from his work with Ponies, Daniel also works on a number of other DHX Properties, such as Pound Puppies and Martha Speaks.

    Andrew Francis, as many of you know, plays Twilight Sparkle's dashing brother, Shining Armor. In addition to his new addition to the My Little Pony cast, you may remember Andrew from such shows as Dark Angel, Smallville, and The Twilight Zone. He's also lent his voice to literally dozens of cartoons and anime, with Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, Monster Rancher, and X-men Evolution among them.

    And with that, fillies and gentlecolts, we would like to mention that we have less than 100 badges left at this time, so don't delay and buy your badge today. We have even more surprises in store for you, so stay tuned and don't miss out!