• San Diego Pony Trolley

    A few days ago, and again today, Hasbro released a press release about what they had planned for Comic Con.  This was part of it! The full pony trolley is apparently ready to go, and  Mallinda over on Deviant Art caught a picture of it.  In my opinion, all trolleys need to include ponies. 

    They also took a video! Check it out after the break!

  • Untitled

  • Doctor Whooves Nouveau and Contest Reminder!

    Welovefine is still chugging away at pony content. Doctor Whooves has joined the fray as their new Nouveau edition shirt, and the contest has hit it's halfway point.  If you are an artist and want a chance at a whole pile of money, you should probably jump on it!

    From the looks ofthe rankings:

    Rainbow Dash - 73 submitted
    Fluttershy - 59 Submitted
    Twilight Sparkle - 50 Submitted

    Rainbow Dash is currently up ahead.  Clearly Twilight Sparkle deserves the crown! Check out the page for that here and draw me some nerd pony!

  • Story: First Pony View (Update Part 15-16!)

    Author: Suomibrony
    Description:  Have you ever had a dream that just seemed so real, that it was impossible to say for certain that it was even a dream at all? A dream that, despite all of its impossibilities, seemed to re-write your entire perception of reality, re-writing your sense of what—and indeed, who—you are? Accepting change is hard enough as it is. But when you're a somebody who wakes up as a somepony, how do you cope with the impact such a drastic change has on your mind and body? With changes like these, it must surely just be a lucid dream—albeit a suspiciously accurate one—just brimming with potential and ripe for exploration. So you might as well suck it up and make the most of these distressingly…unusual circumstances, and seize this psychological adventure before you wake up and the dream ends.

    After all, this couldn't possibly be real, so the dream must come to an end eventually…right?
    First Pony View (New Part 15-16!)

    Additional Tags: Non-HiE, Deliberate, Trasmogrification, Introspective, Descriptive
  • Erin Bro-nett Responds to Swarm of OC Art!

    Aww, we actually made a friend in mainstream media!  I never thought I'd see the day!

    For those that don't know what exactly this is for, a few days ago CNN's Out Front blog did a short report on ponies and Bronycon.  Included in the report was a recolored Rarity OC pony for the show's anchor, Erin Bro-nett.  As is the norm for the art community, everyone had to take a crack at her. 

    Check out the thank you message here!
  • YTPMV: Sorrow's Distortion / Pony beach / Pony Cave Offensive

    Castlevania,Ape Escape, and Kirby join up for this here YTPMV post.  No video game is safe from pony vocals! It's impossible. 

    1.) Castlevania: Order of Equestria - Sorrow's Distortion
    2.) Pony beach
    3.) Pony Cave Offensive

  • Story: Smiling Flowers (Update Complete!)

    [Normal-Slice of Life][Semi-Sad]

    Author: TheBrianJ
    Description: A Cutie Mark is meant to represent the personality and special talent of each pony that has one. Cheerilee's flowers symbolize her desire to help her students bloom, and the smiles represent the cheer that she hopes to bring to their lives.

    At least...that's what she tells everypony who asks.
    Smiling Flowers (New Part 4!)

    Additional Tags: Semi-Sad, Do What You Love
  • Story Updates July 9th (Evening)

    Story updates just keep filing in! How do you guys even keep up with all of this?

  • Equestria Inquirer Interviews: Amy Keating Rogers

    We have another one from way back at that bronycon convention.   Equestria Inquirer interviews Amy Keating Rogers straight from the actual convention center.

    You should probably go watch it yourselves though! Check it out after the break! 
  • Music Remix: Bubble Berry's Orphanage / Brew ~The Prequel~ / Lunas stories

     Pinkie Pie is taking over the world in this remix post.  We have Two Friendship is Witchcraft, plus a good old fashioned Giggle at the Ghostie.  Check them out below!

    1.) Bubble Berry's Orphanage (FiW: Pinkie Pie's Orphanage Colt Ver).
    2.) MC Flowny - Brew ~The Prequel~
    3.) Lunas stories

  • More German CD's and DVD's

    A while back, we announced a few German CD's with the episodes on them, as well as a few DVD's.  It looks like the next wave is  are listed on Amazon.de

    Ace freelance reporter Whatshisgame has once again compiled a list for us (along with images and links, I should probably just have him post these!) of probable content from all sorts of crazy digging in the brand licensing area. 
    • CDs:
      • Angeber-Trixie:
        • “Griffon the Brush Off”
        • “Boast Busters”
      • Die Pyjama-Party:
        • “Dragonshy”
        • “Look Before You Sleep”
    • DVDs:
      • Die Pyjama-Party:
        • “Dragonshy”
        • “Look Before You Sleep”
        • “Bridle Gossip”
      • Etwas ganz Besonderes:
        • “Swarm of the Century”
        • “Winter Wrap Up”
        • “Call of the Cutie”

    I looks like a release date of August 10th is expected, so German Trixie's Dazzling performance will just have to wait another month before seeing the light of day!
  • Monopoly Hotels Adding Ponies?

    Over on the Monopoly Hotels facebook page (an iOS game for those that aren't sure), it looks like some form of pony content is on the way.  This is a teaser image they tossed up with the quote:
    We have some really exiting content coming out next week! Based on this picture, what do you think it is?
    They haven't dropped anything else yet, we can't be sure what exactly is planned.  Hell, it could just be a closeup image of a pink and yellow amoeba.  I've seen some weird ones

    What do you guys think it is?  Maybe we will see an Equestria edition with various pony buildings for sale to play with?

    Thanks to Diego for the heads up! 
  • Discussion: Hang With a Pony For a Month, Then Implode

    Trixie has once again summoned you to Equestria, because why not? She's great and powerful, she can do anything she damn well pleases.

    Unfortunately, something screwed up the spell (Trixie is 100% sure the shopkeeper mixed up the crushed ginseng with mandrake root, woops), and you have a month to live.  Because she can't have you running around Equestria unattended, you are being assigned the pony of your choice to hang with.   You will have one month to do anything you damn well please with them before a micro black hole rips you apart atom by atom in the blink of an eye (Trixie assures you that you won't feel a thing).  Might as well make the best of it right?

    Choose a pony.  It can be a mane cast pony,  a background pony, or even a statue of a pony. Hell, Trixie is throwing the original Fallout Equestria cast (In colorful Equestria, not wasteland) and Nyx into the mix for all you fanfic fiends too!

    Choose what you want to do with said pony for a month.  Maybe hang with Twilight and read books? Create a makeshift hanglider and fly around with Dash?  Serve Trixie's every need as a stagehand with absolutely no pay or benefits? It's up to you!

    The spell is irreversible, so choose wisely!

    (Thanks to the caller during the EQD/Bronyville Livestream for the idea!)
  • Drawfriend Stuff #498

    I wonder how much of these two we will see in season 3?  I don't doubt they will make at least somewhat of an appearance considering all the toys coming out involving them.

    Have some art!

    Source 1

  • Instrumental Music: Someday / Changeling Queen / On Her Cold Night / Her Descent / Fire That Party Cannon!

    A mysterious moon for mysterious music! We have a whole bunch of new instrumental stuff for all you people that aren't in the mood for singing or remixing.   Check them out below with genres listed next to each.

    1.) The Wonderbolts, Pt. 2. "Someday" - Original MLP Music by MandoPony (Orchestral)
    2.) Sim Gretina - Changeling Queen (Dubstep/Samples)
    3.) On Her Cold Night (Chillout/Electronic)
    4.) Her Descent (Orechestral)
    5.) Fire That Party Cannon! - the Phony Brony (Dance/Techno)

  • Blind Bag Wave 3 Hitting Shelves - Identifier Chart Released

    If you are like me, you probably stick to primarily blind bag and molded ponies.  I can't bring myself to brush things!

    It sounds like the wave 3 toys with the colts, Lyra, and glow in the dark ponies (All seen above) have started popping up around the USA.   Fortunately, we already have an identification chart!

    Someone going by the name of Ben sent this over a few days ago, and I completely spaced thinking we already posted it.  After the break, you will find all of the ponies and their respective serial numbers, taking the blind out of bagged ponies!

  • Comic: Don't Forget Me / The Running of Lyra Dub / Questionable Sanity

    It would be really cool to see more of Shining Armor next season. He seemed like such a nice guy, plus the artwork of him and Twi kills me every time. Such awesome siblings!

    Comic time you guys! Click for full.

  • Story: King of Diamonds (Update 6+7!)

    Author: Midnight Shadow
    Description: Lord Sapphire lays dead and Tacksworn is in ruins, but Chiphoof Irontail has come home to his adoptive father, Sharptooth the dragon. Amidst the destruction and chaos, the community and the circles of friendship within must rise again to face an uncertain future. The young scion of the Diamond Expanse Clan must now face his greatest threat as the forces of war build to a crescendo. With his friends by his side, together they will uncover forbidden mysteries and face off against ancient powers that have lain dormant for centuries.
    King of Diamonds (New Part 6+7!)

    Additional Tags: Can't stop here, this is dragon country!
  • PMV: Kings and Queens / ~{Echo}~ / Halo Effect

    Is it just me, or are PMV's evolving yet again to a more complex standard? I blame you guys for being so picky! (And love you at the same time)

    1.) Kings and Queens
    2.) ~{Echo}~ [PMV]
    3.) PMV - Halo Effect

  • Fighting is Magic Bite Sized Update #6 - Packin on the Shiny!

    Considering the livestream the other day literally sat above the 1000 mark for the entire duration (3:30 PM to past midnight - insane) , I'm pretty sure you guys share my excitement for this game

    We have seen all sorts of technical details listed out over the past few weeks, but one thing video games do well is pile on the shiny!  This week's Fighting is Magic Bite Sized Update details the various character icons and GUI tweaks that give the game a sort of "flair" we have come to expect from the current generation of... everything.   It's something most of you probably take for granted! That extra bit of polish goes a long way.

    Anyway, check out their article here!
  • Comic: Derpy's Glasses / Farewell For Now / Derpy Takes the Train / Nightmare - Moon Dark Messenger

    Does that mean we all see with derped eyes?   How horrifying. 

    Have some comics!

  • Music: For Scootaloo / Bolts and Rainbow /

    We have a mix of music this time around! First off, Rarity decides to go shopping, chiptune style, followed by two new vocal tracks.  Check them all out below!

    1.) Interrobang Pie - Rarity: 100% Real Shopping Experience
    2.) Bolts and Rainbow - Scarlett Peace COVER
    3.) Neu KatalYst - Determination ft. DJ Shamrock and Starbrush - For Scootaloo

  • The Brony Show, Episode 58 - Tridgeon

    It happens every week! You all probably know about it already! copy paste below: 
    Hello, everypony! At about 6:00 PST/9:00 EST, we want to invite you to our 58th rendition of the Brony Show. We start off with your up-to-date Brony news, to keep us on track with all the important stuff. After that, we will bring you our interview with talented Brony painter Tridgeon, and you can sample his work on his DeviantArt page: http://tridgeon.deviantart.com/. We have our personal interview, and after we finish, the viewers will get to ask their own questions.

    Following the interview, we will be giving our commentary on episode 6 of season one, Boast Busters. Then we wrap up the night with a helping of music, videos, PMVs and flash animations made by the community. Be sure also to stick around for CrimsontheWolf’s Oatmeal Galore Afterparty, where we’ll have a Let’s Play and unpredictable shenanigans long into the night!

    www.thebronyshow.net or www.livestream.com/thebronyshow
    It all starts at 6:00 PST/9:00 EST Can't wait to see you there!"
  • Nightly Roundup #371

    Ponies don't need to wear pants to be badass.  All they need is a set of  unrequired clothing.  Have some Nightly Roundup!

  • Vocal Music: Super Ponybeat — Diamond Dogs (Euro Dirt Vocal Mix)

    Eurobeat Brony sure does some amazing original tracks. Honestly between this and Luna I kind of prefer it when he doesn't remix the show music!

    Check this one out after the break.

  • Story Updates July 9th (Morning)

    Cover by AireDaleDogz
    Story updates time! We have a bunch tonight.