• Pinkie Pie Gyrocpotor and Another Fan-Made Episode Project!

    Dota 2 fans will have something to love above.  The same guy behind the portal and starcraft pony flash crossovers has created something for you! Click the image above to bombard poor Twilight Sparkle and Rarity with all sorts of implements of war.

    And after the break, we have another fan made animation project underway.  This one looks like it revolves around a group of OC ponies, and most of the video is just stills, but they do have a bit of cartoonyness at the end! Check that out after the break.

  • Story: The Savage Way

    [Adventure] [Sci-fi]

    Author: Horse Voice
    Description: A disaster at sea strands Caramel on an island with one other survivor: a human immigrant. They agree to work together, but Caramel's new friend may not be as benevolent as he seems.

    The Savage Way

    Additional Tags: shipwreck, psychological, no HiE cliches
  • Trailers: My Little Ward: Friendship is Insanity // The Dark Mare Rises //

    This needs to stop. I'm getting a little freaked out.

    Regardless, have two pony trailers! One for The Dark Knight Rises, and one for... something. I'm not sure what it is.

    1) My Little Ward: Friendship is Insanity
    2) The Dark Mare Rises: A Canterlot Wedding trailer 3

  • Event: /fic/ Writeoff

    Sweetie, no! Oh, oh my... well, while she's cleaning that mess up, I might as well tell you about the /fic/ write off.

    It's that (arbitrarily chosen interval of) time again, and Ponychan's /fic/ has held another write off! This time the prompt has been set to "Cutting the Ties". Like always, we need your help to decide which fic is best! There's even more pony than ever before—more pony than your body has room for—166,000 words, surpassing our previous record of 99,000, and we need your votes to decide the winners! So sit down, relax, and enjoy yourself some quality-writing.

    Link to all stories.

    Ponychan thread
  • Canterlot Gardens Announces Cathy Weseluck and More

    The Canterlot Gardens team has a bunch of announcements for you guys tonight, not the least of which being that Cathy Weseluck will be appearing at the con!

    Check out the full press release after the break.

  • Think Geek Adds a Pony Shirt

    Think Geek had a pony shirt a while back, but it wasn't too relevant, now it looks like Vinyl Scratch found a place over there.   At the rate we are going, every online store will have some kind of parody based on MLP. 

    Check it out here!

    Thanks to the armada of people that sent it in!
  • Story: Judgement

    [Comedy] [Shipping]

    Author: Amit
    Description: Lyra loves Bon-Bon very, very much.

    Enough, in fact, to overlook the cream-coloured, beautiful-voiced, wondrous-smelling mare's raging, overwhelming, caricatural homophobia.

    Pinkie Pie, however, being as she is, thinks all this 'unrequited love' nonsense is nonsense for silly fillies and dusty old books, and as such decides to intervene.


    Additional Tags: Lyra loves a homophobic Bon-Bon.

    Audio Book:
    Chapter 1:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9X10e8yYGE&feature=plcp

  • Music: Friendship, Fear, and the Moon // Love is in Bloom (Remix) // A Lucky Mare //

    Every time I drift away, I always come back to Carrot Top. Look at her, she's adorable.

    Time for a regular-style music post, ponies: one instrumental, one remixe, and one vocal track for you this afternoon.

    1) Friendship, Fear, and the Moon (Heart of a Dragon)
    2) Riff Track - Love is in Bloom (Riff Track's Shroom Remix)
    3) A Lucky Mare - Hergest Ridge

  • Drawfriend Stuff #481

    Soviet Rarity edition, replacing giant hats with fuzzy hats and mannequins with tanks.  

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Story: Home Is Where The Harp Is


    Author: Blueshift
    Description: Ever since Bon-Bon left for a new life in Manehatten, Lyra's life has lost its focus. She gets up, she goes to work, she eats, she goes to sleep. One day she knows she's going build up the courage to tell Bon-Bon how she really feels about her and they can live happily ever after.

    That day will never come. Something terrible is happening in Equestria. Something that could be the end of the world. The Smooze has arrived and no-one can stop it, not even Twilight Sparkle. What hope then does Lyra have?
    Home Is Where The Harp Is

    Additional Tags: Nothing Can Stop The Smooze
  • More Random Blindbags!

    It seems like this new set is nearing completion over on Taobao at this point.  Hopefully we see those stock images pop up soon and a real list.

    Whatshisgame sends over even more ponies, including a recolor Trixie using Twilight Sparkle's model instead.  Clearly Hasbro needs to just give her a unique model already.

    Have a list of neat tidbits, also from Whatshisgame
    • Background pony Amethyst Star as a non-crystal pony
    • Non-show pony Cherry Spices as a Twilight Sparkle recolor instead of as a Rarity recolor
    • Apple Family member Crimson Gala (Red Gala) as a non-crystal pony
    • Background pony Merry May as a non-crystal pony
    • Apple Family member Peachy Sweet as a non-crystal pony
    • Background pony Sassaflash as a non-crystal pony
    • The Great and Powerful Trixie Lulamoon as a Twilight Sparkle recolor instead of as a Rarity recolor
    • Either background pony Twinkleshine without being turned pink or Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor’s mom Twilight Velvet as a non-crystal pony
    I still want that magnet pony!
  • Michelle Creber's CD Name Voting Final Round

    The final round for voting on Michelle Creber's upcoming 100 years of music album name has begun! The last round got 4000 people involved, lets see if we can't double that!

    Head on over to the surveymonkey page and toss your two cents into the mix!

    I forgot what I promised last time, but how about in 1000 years, we will give you a free genetically engineered Friendship is Magic pony for volunteering? Doesn't that sound fun?
  • YTPMV: Sing Pony / I'm a blind cave pony / Green Ponies

    We haven't had a YTPMV post in a while.  I feel like I say that every time... Well, have some anyway!

    1.) Sing Pony
    2.) I'm a blind cave pony
    3.) Green Ponies

  • Story: The Price (Update - Side Story)


    Author: Vimbert the Unimpressive
    Description: Big Macintosh reflects on a day long in the past and a path he lacked the conviction to follow. A heavy price must sometimes be paid for the path one walks.
    The Price
    My Mask (Side Story)

    Additional Tags: short, bittersweet, life choices, Caramac
  • Untitled