• My Little Pony: Rhythm Is Heaven - Faithful Farmer

    APPLEJACK buckin things.  Or more specifically, bucking a boxing bag.  It's Rhythm Heaven: Pony time.

  • Story: The Last Draconequus


    Author: IngeniousPenguin
    Description: Deep in the mountains of Equestria, a young Draconequus named Descrid finds his father near death and hears his one last request.
    However, Descrid is torn between honouring his father's wishes and leaving for pastures new, or staying to take his revenge on the invading ponies.
    The Last Draconequus

    Additional Tags: A child losing their grip
  • Friendship is Magic loses to Penguins of Madagascar On Daytime Emmy Awards for Best Original Song

    I completely forgot to check out the Emmy awards today.  Luckily we have Meghan McCarthy doing it for us! Sadly it sounds like Penguins of Madagascar beat Friendship is Magic for Best Original Song.

    (Update: This was specifically for best original song!)
  • Trixie's Tomato Toss

    Who would be so BOLD as to throw tomatoes at the The Greatest and most Powerful pony in all of Equestria?!  Apparently all of Ponyville! 

    See, Trixie is too good for tomato dodging.  She just assumes they will drop at her feet out of sheer awe.  Fortunately, we have the Royal Trixie Republic (RTR) to defend her!  Take your mind control gun and force Trixie to dodge tomatoes.  At least like this, she will think some divine being has favored her. 
    Now go save Trixie!
  • Fighting is Magic Bite Sized Update - Revamped Look and Twilight Sparkle

    The crew over at Fighting is Magic has busted out their 4th Bite-Sized Update (or full cheeseburger in this case).   Included this time around is a complete revamp of the menus and game interface, along with a sneak peak at the PDF  manual they want to include with the release.  The new look definitely reminds me of some of those high budget brawlers out there.  I wouldn't be surprised if gaming magazines and sites out there upgraded their Fighting is Magic blurbs to full fledged articles. 

    Anyway, I'll stop blabbering! Head on over to the Mane6 website to check out everything. 

    And for those of you that love watching those speedpaint style youtube videos, check out the process behind creating their new Twilight Sparkle splash screen (found in the banner) after the break!
  • Queen Elizabeth Travels to Ponyville

    I'm bored.  I bet you are bored too.  Have something to cure the boredom

    Or after the break.

  • Instrumental Music: Counterwise - Denied / A Canterlot Soundscape / In her beauteous realm

    We have some sample splicing followed by some ambient and an orchestral castle theme to finish it off! Check them out below!

    1.) Counterwise - Denied (Voice Sample Splicing)
    2.) DongleKumquat - A Canterlot Soundscape (Ambient)
    3.) MLP Fan Music - In her beauteous realm (Orchestral)

  • Music Remix: Pony Piano Concerto - A Canterlot Wedding / B.B.B.F.F (Ballad Cover) - Coconeru / Tomorrow's Spring

    We have an EPIC Concerto of the Royal Wedding, followed by a complete revamp of B.B.B.F.F., and finish with a completely out there Winter Wrap Up remix. This isn't your typical remix post. Check them out below!

    1.) Pony Piano Concerto - A Canterlot Wedding
    2.) B.B.B.F.F (Ballad Cover) - Coconeru
    3.) Tomorrow's Spring (Winter Wrap Up Remix) [PMV]

  • Custom Compilation #71

    Chrysalis customs sure have been popular and so many of them have been so good! Nothing like great character design to inspire people to do their best, eh?

    Custom compilation time everyone! Check out all the goods after the break.

    Source 1

  • Story Updates June 17th (Afternoon)

    Story updates taking over the world!

    Or something.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #479

    Cyberdash edition, because robot ponies are best ponies.

    And for all the artists out there, feel free to submit your art! Drawfriend is strict, but it doesn't hurt to try! 

    Have some stuff.

    Source 1
  • Seeds of Kindness Passes Two Major Milestones

    Wonderful news from our friends at Bronies For Good: they've just announced that their Seeds of Kindness project has now fully funded both the Green Village in Burundi and an orphanage in Tanzania! For those of you closely watching your charity bingo cards, that makes a medical clinic, a shelter/vocational educational facility, and an orphanage all built with brony funds in a single massive swoop. If that idea seems incredible to you, its because it is.

    Seeds of Kindness is still ongoing, with further donations going to fund a second orphanage in Uganda. If you've got an extra five bucks lying around still, it's a very good use for it. But right now is a time for celebration and congratulations! Amazing things are being done, and they deserve recognition. In fact, the founder and chair of Your Siblings, the group that Bronies For Good is partnered with, was so touched that she made a video to personally thank all of you - the bronies who made this possible. Check below the break to see it, plus an official writeup from Bronies For Good:

  • Story: The Princess and the Pupil

    [Shipping][Slice of Life]

    Author: Alexstrazsa
    Description: Twilight receives an urgent message from the Princess to meet her, but it comes with something she didn't expect... a bouquet of flowers. With nothing but the words "It's very important!", Twilight sets off for Canterlot.
    The Princess and the Pupil

    Additional Tags: That, Feel, When, Alicorn, Love
  • Vocal Music: MMMystery on the Friendship Express / Butterflies / Final Dreams of a Filly

    Zecora is always relevant

    We have some rock, and two acoustic vocal songs for you all this time around. Check them out below!

    1.) Zonak & LyokoFreaks - "MMMystery on the Friendship Express"
    2.) Butterflies (Original Song) (Studio Version)
    3.) Final Dreams of a Filly

  • PMV: Starstruck / Standing Still / Discord✘Pinkie Pie❀I LØVE YOU

    Discordpie, Rarity, and More! It's PMV time. I do wonder what Pinkie Pie would have done if it were up to her specifically to lock Discord back up. I have a feeling she would have joined him instead.

    1.) [PMV] Starstruck
    2.) [PMV] Standing Still
    3.) [PMV] Discord✘Pinkie Pie❀I LØVE YOU

  • Pony Episode Movie Posters

    We have something new for you all to dig through this time around! Pims1978 on Deviant Art has gone through every episode of season two and created a movie poster for each. Some of them are really neat too! Check them all out after the break.

  • Ponibooru Shuts Down

    As many of you may have noticed this morning, the image repository Ponibooru has shut down all uploading capability. According to the site owner, this was "not due to any sort of external pressure, nor is it due to financial problems. The reasons are personal: I (Eco/Archive/&c) have simply reached the point where I can see no way to run the site that I can live with, nor do I have any person whom I trust to run the site in a way I can endorse."

    Select highly-rated images have been offloaded to a sister site Derpibooru, which will continue Ponibooru's functionality. On Ponibooru you can also find torrents for every image uploaded to the site since its launch, as well as only highly-rated ones.

    Ponibooru will go dark in two months, on August 17th, 2012.

    EDIT: Derpibooru was apparently not ready for the influx of traffic. Be patient, the admins are sorting everything out and putting out the fires. You guys are ravenous.

  • Story: The Park Bench

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: GingerNutGin
    Description: Gummy is an alligator with more of a brain than his skull can fill. In a sudden switch of mood he decides to sneak out of his home and find solace in the Ponyville Park. He finds a single bench there, and sits on it to contemplate about himself and his life.
    The Park Bench

    Additional Tags: another world and another culture
  • Nightly Roundup #352

    Fluttershy the duck-keeper edition!  Harwick sure does draw some crazy detailed ponies.  If only they were wallpaper sized!

    Have some nightly roundup stuff.