• Ponibooru Shuts Down

    As many of you may have noticed this morning, the image repository Ponibooru has shut down all uploading capability. According to the site owner, this was "not due to any sort of external pressure, nor is it due to financial problems. The reasons are personal: I (Eco/Archive/&c) have simply reached the point where I can see no way to run the site that I can live with, nor do I have any person whom I trust to run the site in a way I can endorse."

    Select highly-rated images have been offloaded to a sister site Derpibooru, which will continue Ponibooru's functionality. On Ponibooru you can also find torrents for every image uploaded to the site since its launch, as well as only highly-rated ones.

    Ponibooru will go dark in two months, on August 17th, 2012.

    EDIT: Derpibooru was apparently not ready for the influx of traffic. Be patient, the admins are sorting everything out and putting out the fires. You guys are ravenous.