• Seeds of Kindness Passes Two Major Milestones

    Wonderful news from our friends at Bronies For Good: they've just announced that their Seeds of Kindness project has now fully funded both the Green Village in Burundi and an orphanage in Tanzania! For those of you closely watching your charity bingo cards, that makes a medical clinic, a shelter/vocational educational facility, and an orphanage all built with brony funds in a single massive swoop. If that idea seems incredible to you, its because it is.

    Seeds of Kindness is still ongoing, with further donations going to fund a second orphanage in Uganda. If you've got an extra five bucks lying around still, it's a very good use for it. But right now is a time for celebration and congratulations! Amazing things are being done, and they deserve recognition. In fact, the founder and chair of Your Siblings, the group that Bronies For Good is partnered with, was so touched that she made a video to personally thank all of you - the bronies who made this possible. Check below the break to see it, plus an official writeup from Bronies For Good:

    The Seeds of Kindness fundraiser has reached two major milestones almost at once: The Green Village in Burundi and the orphanage in Tanzania are fully funded!
    Not only can Mawanda Johnbosco and his team realize their dream of a medical facility in Katerera in Western Uganda, but thanks to everyone’s generous donations, the Green Life association and the Human Revelation Organization can also realize their projects in Burundi and Tanzania, and thus give many orphans and street children an opportunity to a future without hunger and crime, an opportunity to education and a new family. Thank you!
    Like all Your Siblings projects, these too are completely self-sustainable after this initial impetus and independent of outside help.
    Lisa Wiese, founder and first chair of Your Siblings, has put her gratitude in words. The video is her thank you letter to bronies, pony fans, and all who have helped make this become a reality. Spread it around, so every last one of us can hear it.
    All further donations will benefit an orphanage in Uganda which also cares for children of the so-called lost generation, whose parents have died of AIDS, and who would otherwise be left without money for food, school, medical care and without anyone to call family.
    Every donor can download both My Little Remix albums, the current one, Seeds of Kindness, and the previous one, Smile! (The link is right on the thank you page you’ll see after you donated.) Moreover many prizes are still up for grabs!