• Nightly Roundup #334

    Dang, Scootaloo. You sure grew up fast. Also I'm finally back and doing roundups again.

    New banner featuring a pony that's not the best pony made by Cereal.

    We also added 50 more lost banners to the compilation, for those looking to complete their collections.  
  • Turnabout Storm: The Other Side - Episode 2!

    I sometimes wonder why Trixie still has so much of a place in the fandom even after such a huge gap between episodes.  Then I remember she is awesome.  Have the second installment of the Turnabout Storm side story; The Other Side, starring Professor Layton and Miles Edgeworth with The Greatest and Most Powerful Equine who has ever lived!

  • Comic: No Fate But What We Bake / The Greatest Drug / Friendship is Magic / Watching you, Watching me

    A tsunami of comics here for you all tonight! First off, we have ridiculousness, coffee, friendship, and Trixie being sneaky.  Click them all for full!

  • Discussion: The. Worst. Possible! Thing!

    Why did I even agree to this?

    So, you've made it to Equestria, and it's everything you've ever asked for. The grass is green, the fish are smiling (wait, what?), there are adorable ponies everywhere. It's basically the best thing ever. But then suddenly, the sky begins to darken. Weather ponies everywhere are pointing and laughing. Rarity runs up to you in a panic: she needs a model for eleven different kinds of progressively more girlie dresses, and you're the only one who will fit! Rainbow Dash flies up and punches you in the stomach and Lyra won't stop asking you to poke her.

    Then Twilight comes and reminds you that it's time for your math test, but wait! You're not wearing pants! How could this day get any worse? Well fillies and gentlecolts, you tell me. What does your Equestrian Nightmare scenario look like? Is Tyrant Celestia out to get you? Do you have a run-in with the Slendermare? Did you have to listen to Sethisto sort e-mails for six hours? Let's hear every juicy detail!

    Bonus Topic: If "Feeling Pinkie Keen" was basically Twilight Sparkle's Worst Day Ever, then what would a season 3 episode giving the same treatment for the rest of the mane six look like? Me, I'm hoping for one where Rainbow Dash wakes up and her mane is perfectly styled and everypony keeps telling her how pretty she is no matter what she tries to do to make it stop. So, how about you?
  • Equestria Daily Banner Archive

    I've always been a fan of Google's rotating banner idea based on holiday/event, so adopting it for EQD was just something that came naturally.  Over the past year and a half, we have had over a hundred banners from pretty much every topic, and every corner of the fandom.

    I get emails all the time asking for a banner archive, so I figured I'd throw one together!  This might be missing a few of them, and some might not make any sense at all.  We tend to throw the blog into various situations that you just have to be there for!

    Sadly, sources have been lost over time. If you have a banner here that you have sent in and want sourced, toss an email to Sethisto@gmail.com to have it added.

    (Updated with 50+ more!) 

  • Music Remix: This Day Aria ~Death Egg Mk. II / Of Days To Come / Love Conquers All

    Remix time! We have another sonic mashup, some Cutie Mark Crusading, and an orchestral/electronic version of Love Conquers All (The song that plays during the love EXPLOSION in the finale).  Check them out below!

    1.) This Day Aria ~Death Egg Mk. II Final Boss Remix~
    2.) Facexplodie - Of Days To Come Part I: A Vision So Great
    3.) Expy - Love Conquers All (Orchestralstep Remix)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #461

     Suddenly I want to play Windwaker.  Yet another game improved by pony!

    Have some art.

    Source 1
  • Story Updates May 29th (Evening)

    Story update time! We have six in this one.  Click below to read the day way.
  • Music: Changeling

    Drawfriend is taking a while to get through due to some folder issues, so have some music to hold you all over while we wait!

    Alllevelsatonce created this awesome track based on This Day Aria, but I don't know if you could call it an actual remix.  It has a full set of original lyrics to compliment it. 

    Check it out after the break!

  • Vocal Music: Dreaming Waiting / Sisterhoods End / The Background Pony Song

    We have some soft rock, some metal, and a silly song about background ponies this time around. Check them out below!

    1.) MLP: Dreaming Waiting (original by Matthew Mosier)
    2.) Sisterhoods End
    3.) The Background Pony Song

  • Top 10 Ponies Chosen in MLP Facebook Design Contest

    The people over at the MLP Facebook page have chosen their top 10 pony design submissions for the recent competition they held.  These are still just the finalists, each of them has a shot at becoming an actual design for Comic Con.  Check out the page for them all here!
  • Music Remix: Deceptive Cadence / Ponyville / Pinkie's Brew (Sgt-Whip Remix)

    Time for some remixes! The first one combines a few songs from the finale, followed by a general My Little Pony theme one, and finishing with some Pinkie's Brew!

    1.) Deceptive Cadence
    2.) Ponyville
    3.) Griffinilla - Pinkie's Brew (Sgt-Whip Remix)

  • PMV: Young Forever / Busted / Trixie's return

    Videos with ponies! What better way to pass the time? Have some PMV's.

    1.) PMV: Young Forever
    2.) MLP:FiM-Busted [PMV]
    3.) PMV| Trixie's return

  • Instrumental Music: BPFF's / Digital Discord / GaugeN - CopyCat / Ponies Chill Out For Summer

    Quite the variety this time around. I don't think I've ever heard anything like that 4th one before.

    Have some instrumental tracks!

    1.) DasDeer - BPFF's (Symphonic Metal)
    2.) Digital Discord (Electronic)
    3.) GaugeN - CopyCat (Dubstep)
    4.) Ponies Chill Out For Summer (Synthcore)

  • Bronycon Schedules, Hotel Codes, and More!

    There is a pretty huge convention coming up in just over a month! You have probably heard of it.  Bronycon has a bunch of important updates for all planning to attend, including some hotel discount assistance that definitely can't wait. 

    They have sent over a full press release detailing that and more.  Check it out after the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #333

    I really want to play this game.  Every time I load up Zelda I think of how much better it would be if I was playing a ditzy pegasus with bags full of gunpowder. 

    Have some roundup stuff while I go bug Shigeru Miyamoto with this plan. 

  • Reharmonized Ponies Episode 2

    Voice acting, Art, and Radio Plays, all in one tight little package! It's Reharmonized Ponies Episode 2!

    For those that missed the first one, check that out here!

    And you may want to check out the stuff leading up to this, titled Discorded Ponies, though back then, they didn't have much in terms of custom art. It's still pretty impressive on the voice acting though!

    Anyway, check episode 2 out below.