• Discussion: The. Worst. Possible! Thing!

    Why did I even agree to this?

    So, you've made it to Equestria, and it's everything you've ever asked for. The grass is green, the fish are smiling (wait, what?), there are adorable ponies everywhere. It's basically the best thing ever. But then suddenly, the sky begins to darken. Weather ponies everywhere are pointing and laughing. Rarity runs up to you in a panic: she needs a model for eleven different kinds of progressively more girlie dresses, and you're the only one who will fit! Rainbow Dash flies up and punches you in the stomach and Lyra won't stop asking you to poke her.

    Then Twilight comes and reminds you that it's time for your math test, but wait! You're not wearing pants! How could this day get any worse? Well fillies and gentlecolts, you tell me. What does your Equestrian Nightmare scenario look like? Is Tyrant Celestia out to get you? Do you have a run-in with the Slendermare? Did you have to listen to Sethisto sort e-mails for six hours? Let's hear every juicy detail!

    Bonus Topic: If "Feeling Pinkie Keen" was basically Twilight Sparkle's Worst Day Ever, then what would a season 3 episode giving the same treatment for the rest of the mane six look like? Me, I'm hoping for one where Rainbow Dash wakes up and her mane is perfectly styled and everypony keeps telling her how pretty she is no matter what she tries to do to make it stop. So, how about you?