• Nightly Roundup #333

    I really want to play this game.  Every time I load up Zelda I think of how much better it would be if I was playing a ditzy pegasus with bags full of gunpowder. 

    Have some roundup stuff while I go bug Shigeru Miyamoto with this plan. 

    Nightmare Night on Floppy Drives

    Brony music!

    Teens React Joins the Herd

    I guess we made an impression on them or something? Helps if you watch more than the intro!

    Ponies Invade Mount And Blade

    They aren't exactly animated, but you can totally run around on plastic Twilight Sparkle in Mount and Blade now! No game is safe!

    Brony Community Challenge: Film What You have Learned

    Someone over on Youtube is asking everyone to submit videos of themselves talking about what they learned from Friendship is Magic. He also has a neat Discord custom. Check the video out here for instructions!


    UK Podcast Episode 10

    Copy Paste:
    We were live this week at MCM Expo, where the site organised a massive brony meet, lots of cosplayers and awesome merch and art was also there. we went to the bar afterwards on the Saturday and drunkenly recorded this podcast. Cant wait till next MCM

    Forum Thread

    Sainted Ponies Episode 5



    In episode six, we discuss PON3 Con in Nebraska with the head of the con himself! It's a bit of a shorter episode, but it'll give you all the information you need about attending the first PON3 con!


    In episode seven, we have a very special guest! Phillis and Gentlecolts, BroNEcast brings you an interview with Bald Dumbo Rat, the fan voice of Derpy! We discuss Derpy-gate, upcoming conventions and much more, so sit down and give us a listen and enjoy!


    Remember that you can submit questions and long distance brohoofs to [email protected]!

    Voice of Equestria Episode 12

    The two-week gap gave us a lot of news and a whole lot of recent activities to talk about this week. Step inside to hear the three of us talk about a great deal of really cool stuff (and some not-so-cool-stuff, like insurance hassles and locking one's keys in one's car). Come check it out!



    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Maplestory Guild

    New guild: TheManeSix
    Server: Bera


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Derpy Plushie
    Scratch Plushie
    Cadence/Shining Armor