• Comic: Fluttershy's Zombie Repellent / The Great Dictator / In Case of Emergency

    You know, a friend of mine has just gotten me into a bunch of zombie games and then this comic comes up. I swear, ponies are stalking me or something.

    Yep, some more comics heading your way. Click for full as always!

  • Everfree Northwest Tickets Sold Out

    Sad news- Everfree Northwest has officially sold out of tickets. Press release follows!

    Wow. Just... wow. Dear pony friends, your enthusiasm and excitement never cease to amaze us. It is with bittersweet excitement that we are officially announcing that Everfree Northwest is now sold out and has closed to new registrations.

    We apologize that we cannot accommodate everyone who wants to go, but we have limited venue space and we want to make sure that our event is safe and comfortable. Thank you again, and we hope to see you next year!

  • Untitled

  • Everfree Northwest Announces Tabitha St. Germain

    Well, that's a new one!  It's not often you see Tabitha accept stuff like this.  It looks like we will finally be meeting Rarity and Luna at one of our little get-togeathers. 

    Have the press release after the break!

  • Story Updates May 28th (Evening)

    Story update time! I still have that fanfic song stuck in my head from the other day.  That and the Trixie one are both ridiculously catchy.

    Anyway, invade some stories after the break.

  • Instrumental Music: Daring Do and the Draconequus Labyrinth / Counterpoint / Da Magicks

    Instrumental time! We have three in this little compilation here.  Get them after the break.

    1.) Griffinilla - Daring Do and the Draconequus Labyrinth (Chiptune)
    2.) Wintergreen - Counterpoint (Electronic)
    3.) Pony Jazz/Funk - Da Magicks (Jazz/Funk)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #460

    NOSTALGIA edition.  Don't lie, you totally watched it.

    It's a shorter one today, but I'm not complaining.  Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Story: My Little Enterprise (Update Complete!)

    [Grimdark][Sci-Fi][Crossover] "As a longtime Trekkie, I really, REALLY liked this one.  It's remarkably dead on and feels both like 'MLP in the far future' and 'standard Trek episode'... specifically, it feels somewhere between TNG and Voyager.  As a result, it's AWESOME!"- Pre Reader #10

    Author: VozDeSuenos
    Description: Years after the mane six defeated Luna with the Elements of Harmony, a new evil invaded Equestria. The ponies only hope lay in the Elements of Harmony, the princesses, and the Doctor. Unfortunately, a terrible catastrophe befell the planet. With technology inspired by the TARDIS, ponies fled to the stars. In time, a crew aboard the Alicorn finds itself far away from home, trying to survive in a new sector of space and wondering what has happened to Equestria.
    My Little Enterprise (All Links)(New Chapter 11)

    Additional Tags: Sci-fi Crossover Madness with Ponies
  • Mid-Day Roundup #332

    Derpy Kinda stole the roundup slot last night.  Luckily we have Sweetie Bot here to fix things up for us.  Have some news!

    (This also got stuck in the EQD draft mode, it was totally supposed to post earlier!) 

  • The Brony Show #53

    It's that time of the week once again! check out their copy paste after the break!

  • Music: Best Mare In Ponyville // Noluv - Parasprites // Dreaming Waiting //

    This picture is now my favorite thing. Even if Rarity is a blank-flank.

    A regular music post today! Two instrumentals and a vocal track: something for Trixie, something for the parasprites, and something about a chicken. Dig em!

    1) TeiThePony - Best Mare In Ponyville
    2) Noluv - Parasprites [Electro House]
    3) MLP: Dreaming Waiting (original by Matthew Mosier)

  • Smile! Album Rereleased: New Prizes For Seeds of Kindness

    What you see above you is a song called "The Rise and Fall of Emperor Discord", a new addition by Sprocket to Bronies For Good's first charity album: Smile! Along with an updated version of "A Sorceress Girl", this song and the entire Smile! album are being re-released. What this means is that, from here on out, any donations to the Seeds of Kindness charity will receive both charity albums.

    Did you already donate? Then just head on back to the download page they gave you then and snag yourself some more musical goodness. Or, if you're so inclined, you can donate again. Your Siblings still needs €13,000 (that's about $16,000) more to build the village that will provide home, education and jobs to street children in Burundi!

    To help facilitate this final push, Bronies For Good have updated their list of prizes for top donators, which will be parceled out one at a time to each of the most generous contributors to the cause, with each highest donator getting their choice of prize before handing the rest of the list off to the next one below them. Additionally, right now anypony giving at least $50 is being given an instant Steam game or a subscription to the MLP e-books as an extra special thank you. For all the details and a gallery of the top prizes, see this official update.

    Lastly, a follow-up album to Seeds of Kindness, 'Faithful and Strong', is currently in the planning stages over at My Little Remix. If you're a musician, you can help contribute to the last pushes for this massive, massive charity project heading on over and cracking your little musician's joints. Remember folks, with the clinic in Uganda funded, all of this money is going toward giving street children in Burundi a home where they can live safely and get an education and a livelihood. It's self sustaining, and undeniably, unfathomably life altering, and it's one of the most ambitious and far-reaching brony projects yet conceived. This is worth your time. This is worth your money.

    If you haven't already, go. Donate.
  • Discussion: What Kind of Pony Merch Do You Want To See?

    You are walking down the street one day, when out of nowhere a limousine rolls up and you find yourself face to face with the entire board of directors of Hasbro hangin out in a built-in olympic sized swimming pool in the back.  Without warning, their driver pushes you in and changes you into a swimsuit while you fly through the air. 

    You just got recruited to create a new piece of Friendship is Magic merchandise.  It can literally be anything you damn well please.  Looking for a pony video game? Have a 100 million dollar budget.  Want a sad Trixie plushie hugging her one and only best friend who happens to be a completely inanimate stuffed bear?  They can do that too!

    In the comments below, design some pony merch!
  • Comic: Luna Eats Cake / It's Been Good / Rarity's Hat

    Mmm, delicious cake. There sure was a lot of cake this season as well as ponies enjoying said cake. Think they'll share if I ask nicely?

    Comic time guys, click for full.

  • Rainbow Dash Vs Starscream Death Battle Followup

    A while back over on Screwattack, they hosted a Rainbow Dash Vs. Starscream death battle.  Rainbow Dash of course, came out on top. 

    For the sake of completion though, the guys behind the video decided to challenge ponyville's premiere weatherpony with something she was almost guaranteed to lose; polling people at a Transformers convention on who would actually win.

    You may be surprised at the results! Check the video out after the break!

  • Derpy Possibly This Year's Comic Con Exclusive!

    We had these floating around for a while back on Taobao, labeled as a ripoff, but from the looks of it, she may be going to Comic Con.  Each year, Hasbro has an exclusive pony for the convention.  This would be the first G4 pony.

    Outside of these images and Taobao, we don't have any confirmation.  Still, I'll take a Derpy! (I repeat, this is not confirmed)

    Thanks to Cameron for the heads up! 

    That is totally a muffin
  • Claire Corlett Potentially Confirmed for Everfree Northwest

    For those that were not aware, Claire Corlett (Aka the voice actor behind God of War's Friendship is Magic's Sweetie Belle) runs a Lets Play minecraft series over on Youtube.  During her most recent episode while singing a song, she slipped out that she might be going to the upcoming Everfree Northwest convention in August.  She did say "most likely" going, so no 100% guarantees.  Apparently you guys kept bugging her about it!

    Check out the video here! And be sure to subscribe to her channel!
  • Story Updates May 28th (Morning)

    Story updates for all you readers out there!  I'm gonna go read Ender's Game though, so... yeah!

  • Bronycon Livestream Recording

    For those that missed the Bronycon livestream earlier, starring Tara Strong, Lauren Faust, and John de Lancie, someone on Youtube has recorded the entire thing. It's definitely worth a listen!

    They also gave me a press release for the event! Check out both after the break.