• Smile! Album Rereleased: New Prizes For Seeds of Kindness

    What you see above you is a song called "The Rise and Fall of Emperor Discord", a new addition by Sprocket to Bronies For Good's first charity album: Smile! Along with an updated version of "A Sorceress Girl", this song and the entire Smile! album are being re-released. What this means is that, from here on out, any donations to the Seeds of Kindness charity will receive both charity albums.

    Did you already donate? Then just head on back to the download page they gave you then and snag yourself some more musical goodness. Or, if you're so inclined, you can donate again. Your Siblings still needs €13,000 (that's about $16,000) more to build the village that will provide home, education and jobs to street children in Burundi!

    To help facilitate this final push, Bronies For Good have updated their list of prizes for top donators, which will be parceled out one at a time to each of the most generous contributors to the cause, with each highest donator getting their choice of prize before handing the rest of the list off to the next one below them. Additionally, right now anypony giving at least $50 is being given an instant Steam game or a subscription to the MLP e-books as an extra special thank you. For all the details and a gallery of the top prizes, see this official update.

    Lastly, a follow-up album to Seeds of Kindness, 'Faithful and Strong', is currently in the planning stages over at My Little Remix. If you're a musician, you can help contribute to the last pushes for this massive, massive charity project heading on over and cracking your little musician's joints. Remember folks, with the clinic in Uganda funded, all of this money is going toward giving street children in Burundi a home where they can live safely and get an education and a livelihood. It's self sustaining, and undeniably, unfathomably life altering, and it's one of the most ambitious and far-reaching brony projects yet conceived. This is worth your time. This is worth your money.

    If you haven't already, go. Donate.

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