• Radio Show: An Equestrian Invasion

    Click for the video!

    I wonder how many young people's first encounter with War of the Worlds was the modern movie? That's kind of sad.

    So, anyway, someone took the original 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast staring Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater and transformed it for ponies. The video runs an impressive slighty-less-than-an-hour length, so if you've got nothing to do tonight, pour yourself some of your favorite adult beverage*, sit back, and enjoy the show.

    *EQD does not condone underage drinking unless it's hilarious

  • Discordlicious

    John de Lancie Joins the Licious meme for Bronycon. I wonder who else we can get to do this one?
  • Story: Cream and Changelings Rise


    Author: A Pony Farce
    Description: Vinyl Scratch brings Octavia out for her set at the royal reception despite the bassist's insistence that season finales are bad news and should be avoided at all costs. She's right, of course.
    Cream and Changelings Rise

    Additional Tags: Light action with some jokes.
  • Scrunchy Faces

  • Wallpaper Compilation #52

    Time for some wallpapers, starting with the two new best ponies! Or changlings... or something. Anyway, have some.

  • Convention Compilation May 12th

    We have just two convention updates this week! New Jersey's Bronycon and Germany's Galacon can be found below the break!

    Bronycon Contest Announcement
    GalaCon Message

    And just an update for everyone who sends these in: Please try to include a headline for your article.  Something interesting, eyecatching, ect!

  • Seeds of Kindness Hits Huge Milestone - Clinic Fully Funded

    The clinic in Uganda has been completely funded.  You guys rocked this charity!  With a whopping 800 people tossing their money into the pot, it's already breaking $19,000 total. 

    From here on, all additional donations will be sent toward building something called "The Green Village", with goals of becoming what is essentially a self sufficient little town.  To reach it, they still need to break $30,000.  The album is still available for all donators.  Hit up this page for more information on it, as well as a link to go toss your money at a good cause!
  • Story: Ponytics (Update Part 3!)


    Author: Pickle
    Description: After receiving a letter about Democracy from Twilight, Princess Celestia decides that she needs to destroy this idea before a revolt starts up. WARNING: Hilarious antics will ensue.
    Ponytics (New Part 3!)

    Additional Tags: Democracy trolls Trollestia, Twilight discovers
  • Comic: Trixie Vs. Zecora / Baby Discord 4: Revenge / It Was Under F / Fluttermac

    These comics are completely crazy. They also make little sense. That is why comics are so popular though. Also Dragon Ball Z. Click for full!

  • Music Vocal: Controlled Chaos / One in a Million / Owlowysius' Lament

    Original vocal time! We don't get many Owlicious tracks.  I don't even know how to spell that.

    1.) Controlled Chaos ( Discord Original Song) - Coconeru
    2.) One in a Million
    3.) Owlowysius' Lament

  • Last Call for Trinity Roberts Voting

    Colgate is currently not mobile at all
    Amy Keating Rogers friend Trinity still needs a few more votes to be in the top 10% over at the mobility awareness month page.  If you want to help out, all you need to do is hit this page up, vote, and toss promo code 889 in. 

    So.. Go do it! Seriously, it doesn't even cost anything!
  • Story Updates May 12th (Evening)

    Update time! Find them below.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #424

    Sometimes I wish this show wasn't just slice of life.  Some kind of crazy adventure arc would be a blast.  Images like this only make me want that more. 

    We also have a new banner from the ever-talented Pixelkitties based on a billboard from Fallout, because we all love Fallout. 

    Source 1
  • MLP Gummy Tails Update

    Earlier we posted the My Little Pony Fruit Tails that have been popping up over in Australia.  It looks like the company that makes them actually has them listed on their website  (As pointed out by juslilolme).  Up above are all the collectable pop up stickers, and below is a much better, if a little creepy, image of one of the actual snacks. 

    These guys are the same ones that make the cookies, which also come with stickers from the same set.  I guess you can choose either or depending on what kind of snackage you are into!

  • Story: A Great and Powerful Heart


    Author: Deep Pond
    Description: While visiting the earth pony town of Promise, the Great and Powerful Trixie is coerced into searching for a missing foal against her own better judgment. But things are not as straightforward as they first appear. When push comes to shove, what kind of pony is Trixie at heart?
    A Great and Powerful Heart

    Additional Tags: Showmareship, Zealots, Foals are awesome
  • Instrumental Music: A Duel With A Nightmare / Electro Cakes / Archie V - P.P.S. (TeiThePony Remix) / Vinyl Shred

    Time for some instrumental stuff! We have a whole bunch of Electronic, and one orchestral this time around.  Find them below!

    1.) A Duel With A Nightmare (Orchestral)
    2.) Electro Cakes - the Phony Brony (Electronic)
    3.) Archie V - P.P.S. (TeiThePony Remix) (Electronic)
    4.) Riff Track - Vinyl Shred (Electronic)

  • Random Merch: Lolipops and Bedrolls

    Remember those old stringy sticky things you used to get out of those vending machines at the front of grocery stores? Well, the first item on the list reminds me of that.  Too bad it isn't that.  We need pony versions of those.  This is actually an edible gummy thingy instead.  It also came with a Luna sticker, which is awesome because Luna is completely under-represented. Ben (The guy that submit it) said there are 30 stickers to collect in total.  I wonder what other ponies are represented here? If anyone buys a bunch and finds Trixie, submit it!    This particular item was found in South Australia at a store called Woolworths.  

    We also have a new bedroll from Taobao.  I don't think we ever reported on the old ones, but this one is definitely new.   You might need to lose a few inches of height to fit in it though, the target version looks pretty small!

  • Bronyville Runs Out Of Interesting Co-Hosts, Uses Cereal Instead

    They asked for an actual podcaster and they got me. Poor them.

    Just a small note that I'll be helping co-host this week's Bronyville podcast alongside Apple Cider. The live broadcast starts in an hour and a half (12PM PST) and you can find it here, if you so desire.

    Back to your regularly scheduled pony.
  • Music Remix: aIn Wonder (Elspongie Remix) / She's An Alarm Clock (She's A Pony Remix) / Never Stop The Journey

    We have three remixes this time around, and for once they aren't based on This Day Aria or BBBFF. Check them out below!

    1.) Aviators - In Wonder (Elspongie Remix)
    2.) Omnipony - She's An Alarm Clock (She's A Pony Remix)
    3.) The Cutie Mark Crusaders - Never Stop The Journey

  • Story: Dear Twilight


    Author: Raiden Gekkou
    Description: Princess Celestia sends a friendship report to her faithful student.
    Dear Twilight

    Additional Tags: Princess Celestia, Friendship Report, Ponies, Reversal, Story
  • Untitled

  • Nightly Roundup #316

    Yeah, I usually like cute or sleepy pictures for Roundups it seems. Guess it's just a little weakness of mine. Well, after tonight my little stint at the Roundups is over and you'll be getting PK back next week! Thanks for having me during this short time, I'm sure I'll pop in from time to time when PK needs maintenance or something.

    Anyhow, time for some news my friends!

  • Pony Piano Tutorials!

    That's right, folks! Piano tutorials for all your favorite pony songs are here! I'm a piano player myself, so I was pretty excited to see these pop up in the inbox. Better get to practicing! Check them out after the break.