• Nightly Roundup #316

    Yeah, I usually like cute or sleepy pictures for Roundups it seems. Guess it's just a little weakness of mine. Well, after tonight my little stint at the Roundups is over and you'll be getting PK back next week! Thanks for having me during this short time, I'm sure I'll pop in from time to time when PK needs maintenance or something.

    Anyhow, time for some news my friends!

    Equestria Daily Receives TV Tropes Page

    Ah TV Tropes, one of the greatest killers of free time up there with Wikipedia and Youtube. Apparently we've gotten our own little page over there for you all to check out if you'd like. You can find it here, though I don't take any responsibility if you then spend the next three hours jumping from link to the link the site.

    Pony Rubik's Cube

    I know that as soon as I scramble this I'll never be able to put it back together again.

    Bronies Perth Interviews

    Awhile back we had a small feature from the Bronies Perth group. They have recently released a video of several interviews and such that weren't included in some of their other presentations. If that sort of thing is of interest to you, you can find the video in question here.

    Look PK, Cupcakes!

    Team Fortress 2 Pony Reference

    I guess one of the little news announcements for TF2 happened to drop a tiny pony reference today. Oh ponies, you show up everywhere don't you? Check out the source of the pic here.


    Babble with Bronies - Episode 15

    Copy Paste:

    Greetings everyone!

    This week, Toxic-Mario will stop by to be interviewed!

    It will be on Saturday, May 12th at 3:00 pm CST (1500 hrs) (UTC -5 with DST)

    Hope to see you there!

    The Let's Blind Series - Episode 17

    Ukofe Podcast #9

    Copy Paste:

    So this week we had an Interview with special Guest Teithepony, and also went over last weeks Q&A about which conventions you were looking to attend.

    *New Podcast* Love Revolution Podcast

    Have some copy paste:

    The links for the audio files (MP3 and iPod format) are in the playlist and in the descriptions of each video.  There are four parts to this episode and the Podcast lasts 30 minutes collectively.

    Thank you so much for your consideration.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Philly Bronies Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    The Philly Bronies are getting together for a meet up. Would you be as so kind to plop this in a nightly round up? Please and Thanks.

    When: Saturday May 19th
    Time: 11:00 am
    Where: Love Park
    What: We will be meeting at Love Park for a social meet up. We will probably then meander over to South St. for some food. Lots of walking! So wear your walking shoes!

    Facebook Page
    BronyCraft 3 Starcraft 2 Tourney

    The signups for the qualifier over on Team Liquid has begun for those of you in the EU! Check out the details below:

    This is Bio again, from over at Team Liquid, just wanted to let you guys know we are starting signups for the EU Qualifier #1. Once again, all the info should be below.

    Noteworthy Links:
    Post on Team liquid about the tournament, including how to sign up, rules, qualifier info, ect:
    Stream Link for viewing the tournament, with guest caster Special_Endrey!

    Nebraska Bronies Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    The Nebraska Bronies are having another meet-up! This one is located in Bellevue, NE on May 26th. Join our Facebook group here:  Facebook Page to RSVP to the event!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pinkie Pie Plushie
    Princess Celestia Bracelet

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