• Random Merch: Lolipops and Bedrolls

    Remember those old stringy sticky things you used to get out of those vending machines at the front of grocery stores? Well, the first item on the list reminds me of that.  Too bad it isn't that.  We need pony versions of those.  This is actually an edible gummy thingy instead.  It also came with a Luna sticker, which is awesome because Luna is completely under-represented. Ben (The guy that submit it) said there are 30 stickers to collect in total.  I wonder what other ponies are represented here? If anyone buys a bunch and finds Trixie, submit it!    This particular item was found in South Australia at a store called Woolworths.  

    We also have a new bedroll from Taobao.  I don't think we ever reported on the old ones, but this one is definitely new.   You might need to lose a few inches of height to fit in it though, the target version looks pretty small!

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