• Nightly Roundup #295

    Is... is this workin- oh thank Celestia, I finally got a wifi connection. Listen up. If you're reading this, they're doing horrible things in there. Equstria Daily is- gheuhaehIUHIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT OUTBURST, EQUESTRIA DAILY IS NOTHING LESS THAN THE MOST GLORIOUS WORKPLACE EVER. I LOVE DOING THESE ROUNDUPS OF MY OWN FREE WILL AND WILL PROCEED TO DDDDDDddddddddd okay I think- yeah, I'm back. Sorry about that, the chip in my brain is stuck on maintenance mode and occasionally starts up again. Send he- PROCEEDING WITH ROUNDUP.

  • Twilight Sparkle Invades Skyrim

    Took long enough! I'm already bored of my Elin mod anyway.

    This is actually just a teaser of a mod in progress. The animations still need some work, as explained in the video description.

    Still, it's pretty awesome to see Twilight Sparkle setting things on fire with her horn!
  • Fluttershy for TomTom

    I have never used a GPS outside of my phone, but suddenly I want to give TomTom a shot.   Qcom on Youtube has modded his personal device with various pony voices, and in this little demo video he shows off Fluttershy.  Nothing is more relaxing than being guided by the best pony on the second weekend of each month (And Wednesdays, but don't tell Cereal. He thinks that is Rarity day lol).

    Anyway, check it out after the break!

  • Colbert Shoutout #3

    It seems like Colbert did a bit of research on is, and it didn't end well! His new shoutout:
    "I want to very specifically not give a shout out to my Bronies tonight. I feel like I have been sucked into a dark corner of humanity, and am crawling my way back to the light."
    Who linked him to the clop?!  This is someone's fault!

    Seriously though, It's pretty funny to see so many episode intros hit by the pony.  Check it out after the break.

  • Rarity Meets the Spy

    We haven't had any ridiculous GMOD stuff in a while, might as well roll with one!  The first was a huge hit back in January, and part two was released just a few days ago.

    Check it out after the break!

  • Music: Friendship is Magic - Pickitup

    Remember the 90's? Remember that Ska thing that popped up for a few years then seemingly died off?  Well, someone has finally brought it to pony, and I couldn't be happier. 

    It's time to throw Blues, Reggae, and Jazz into a mixing bowl with a bit of upbeat Friendship is Magic to bind it all together!  Check it out after the break!

    (This needs a new album cover, have some Daring Do and Trixie as filler)
  • Story: I'll Sweep You off Your Hooves


    Author: Alexander-Crossover
    Description: It's just like any other party in Canterlot, except this time Frederic is a guest rather than a member of the ensemble.

    With the evening to himself it may finally be his chance to confess his true feelings to the mare he has long held feelings for but if he can't work up the nerve he may miss out forever.

    I'll Sweep You off Your Hooves

    Additional Tags: Octavia dances with Frederic Horseshoepin
  • Livestream Night: Wednesday, April 18th | Featuring Rozga, Synad, and Silver-swirl

    Time for the second Livestream Night! The last one was as successful as I could have hoped- one artist reported back to me that he had a concurrent 93 total viewers. He was quite happy! Let's make these guys just as happy, eh?

  • Discussion: Toronto Star : My Little Brony

    Toronto Star recently popped an article out about general gender stereotypes and the different styles of marketing companies use.   As is the norm for anything involving pink and frilly merch these days, Friendship is Magic is brought up as an example of something that both genders can get into.  While we haven't seen a huge push from Hasbro for the male demographic (and it's hard to blame them considering the history of My Little Pony),  there are still male fans out there outside of our 18-30 demographic.

    You can find this article here!

    And on to the discussion.  Have any of your nephews/sons/third cousins/little brothers been drawn in by the pony without realizing it's technical true demographic?   I think a lot of people find it fascinating to see how exactly actual kids react to FiM without pressure from outside sources or peers.

    Discuss it in the comments!
  • Pony Bandaids

    Apparently, official My Little Pony band-aids were spotted in a Uniprix in Quebec! I don't know about you, but these things worked wonders for me. That one time when I had that broken leg and that nasty case of Ebola, I just slapped a Twilight Sparkle bandage on there and felt worlds better. I also think it may have optimized my circulatory system and given me the ability to heal people with my hands. More after the break.

    Thanks to Chris for the images! 

  • Remix/Vocal Music: Rainbow Factory (Flutter Rex Remix) / One More Change / Cerulean Blue (Orchestral Rock Cover)

    We are technically closed on Rainbow Factory remixes, but it's so different from the original it snuck through!  We also have a remix of one of SoGreatandPowerful's tracks, and an epic collaboration between Veggie55, D.notive, and Applejack the Engineer(Tsyolin) of Cerulean Blue. Check them all out below!

    1.) Glaze - Rainbow Factory (Flutter Rex Remix)
    2.) One More Change (Remix of "A Beautiful Heart" - SoGreatandPowerful)
    3.) Cerulean Blue (Orchestral Rock Cover) ft. d.notive & Veggie55

  • Bronyville Episode 50 - Friendship is Round Numbers

    More bronyville for all you bronyville lovers!

    Copy Paste:

    Dear Princess Celestia,
    One year has been a very long time. And while we’re going to be rocking this anniversary for all it is worth I do want to thank all of our awesome fans who make all of this so totally worthwhile. Our guest this week? Why, that would be Sherilyn Connelly from SFWeekly! An actual journalist AND fan of the show? She does these awesome My Little Pony Episode writeups! And she made us super jealous by being one of the lucky few with a Season Finale Press kit! So yes, much fun is had as we talk to derp or not to derp, looking back and forward on MLP seasons, and my luxurious Mustache!

    Apple Cider

    Show notes
  • The Ultimate Pony Shipping Chart!

    I know a bunch of you just love fanfiction, and you also just love to ship ponies with each other.  We have posted these in the past, but in a few months the amount of romantic situations in the ponyverse tends to double from it's previous rendition, so it's time for an update!

    Ciscoql over on Deviant Art has compiled a really neat chart showing off the various pairs.  It's much more complex that what we have previously had in the past, though a bit more difficult to judge exact amounts.   This takes all the shipping and romance stories across EQD and Fimfic into account.  Check it out above!
  • Instrumental Music: Jazz Invades Equestria / Trixie's Lament / Sunset / Mistress of Mystique / Party of One and a Half

    Lots of really awesome instrumentals all came in today!  It's crazy how much music this fandom pumps out.  Check them all out below, with genres in the parentheses!

    1.) General Mumble - Jazz Invades Equestria (Jazzy)
    2.) Trixie's Lament - Original MLP Music by MandoPony/Leeches/Joanna Blackhart (Piano)
    3.) Sunset - Blaze (Trance/Dubstep)
    4.) Mistress of Mystique (Electronic/Dance/Tribal)
    5.) Party of One and a Half (Piano)

  • Random Merch: Celestia Hats, Giant Coloring Book, and Pinkie Pie Party Book

    We have three new merch items this time around!  The first one is actually pretty huge.  Costco now carries a gigantic pony coloring book filled with 150 stickers and 35 pages of ponies to color and play with. At $7.50, its not a bad buy for the size!  These have been sent to us from both Tuscon, AZ and Delaware, so it's safe to assume they can be found on both the east and west US coast.   Find images of that above, and more after the break from Ciara and Shelby!

    We also had a Celestia baseball cap sent in from Esoru in Montreal Canada.  This particular one was found at a store called Winners near Atwater.  He didn't give a price, but Celestia is WHITE.  Clearly this needs to be bought out immediatly. 

    And finally, a small Pinkie Pie party book filled with your classic pony merch vectors was found in a dollar bin at Target.  Collectors might like to pick one up!  Thanks to MyBoyJ for the image.

    And as a reminder, a few of the internal images of the giant book found above can be seen after the break, including Luna!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #398

    I seriously love these General/Awesome Derpy images.  That is one creepy ass muffin though.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Story Updates April 18th (Morning)

    Story updates all over the place.  Have eight of them!

  • Music: Video Game Mashups By Kingsparta

    We posted King Sparta's Rainbow Road remix a while back, and since then he has greatly improved overall.   He has also released a ton of new crossovers for all of you to nostalgia out over.  What's better than ponies and the good old cartridge console days?   Not much. (Aside from ponies and Baldurs Gate, but I'm biased)

    Have some stuff in link form, there are too many to embed. 

    Rainbow Road ~Pinkie Pie's True Smile Remix~ (Mario Kart)
    Everfree Forest Frenzy (Donkey Kong Country)
    Smile, Smile, Smile! ~Fascination MAXX Mix~ (Dance Dance Revolution)
    Daring-Do and The City of Sandopolis (Sonic and Knuckles)
    Neo Bowser City - Trixie Mix (Mario Kart)
    Music Park (Mario Kart/Flim Flam)
    Wuhu Loop and Maka Wuhu (Mario Kart / At the Gala)
    Toad Circuit and Mario Circuit (Mario Kart / Giggle at the Ghosties / Cupcakes)
    Wario Shipyard (Mario Kart / Pinkie Aerobics)
    Rosalina's Ice World (Mario Kart / Winter Wrap Up)
    Bowser's Castle ~Nightmare Moon and Discord Remix (Mario Kart / Discord)
    Cloudsdale Sanctuary (Winter Wrap Up / Sonic and Knuckles)
  • Royal Wedding Promo with Tori Spelling

    The Hub has uploaded another promo to their Youtube page, this one primarily spotlighting Tori Spelling. It's going to be an interesting day at the end of the week! Check it out after the break.

  • Another Royal Wedding Screencap

    A pop-culture blog called Pop Candy (part of USA Today) has posted up an exclusive screencap they've received from the upcoming Royal Wedding episode. I think we can all clearly see that the most important detail we can glean from this picture is that Rainbow Dash is totally wearing flowers in her mane, and is therefore dressing in style. And the two ponies making out, I guess.

    Pop Candy

  • Nightly Roundup #294

    After last night's incident PK is currently in maintenance as we fix the chip implanted in him. Don't worry, he'll be back to you all soon with a few upgrades to boot! Now if only I can figure out how to install this coffee maker attachment...

    While I upgrade PK, have some news!