• Random Merch: Celestia Hats, Giant Coloring Book, and Pinkie Pie Party Book

    We have three new merch items this time around!  The first one is actually pretty huge.  Costco now carries a gigantic pony coloring book filled with 150 stickers and 35 pages of ponies to color and play with. At $7.50, its not a bad buy for the size!  These have been sent to us from both Tuscon, AZ and Delaware, so it's safe to assume they can be found on both the east and west US coast.   Find images of that above, and more after the break from Ciara and Shelby!

    We also had a Celestia baseball cap sent in from Esoru in Montreal Canada.  This particular one was found at a store called Winners near Atwater.  He didn't give a price, but Celestia is WHITE.  Clearly this needs to be bought out immediatly. 

    And finally, a small Pinkie Pie party book filled with your classic pony merch vectors was found in a dollar bin at Target.  Collectors might like to pick one up!  Thanks to MyBoyJ for the image.

    And as a reminder, a few of the internal images of the giant book found above can be seen after the break, including Luna!

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