• Discussion: Toronto Star : My Little Brony

    Toronto Star recently popped an article out about general gender stereotypes and the different styles of marketing companies use.   As is the norm for anything involving pink and frilly merch these days, Friendship is Magic is brought up as an example of something that both genders can get into.  While we haven't seen a huge push from Hasbro for the male demographic (and it's hard to blame them considering the history of My Little Pony),  there are still male fans out there outside of our 18-30 demographic.

    You can find this article here!

    And on to the discussion.  Have any of your nephews/sons/third cousins/little brothers been drawn in by the pony without realizing it's technical true demographic?   I think a lot of people find it fascinating to see how exactly actual kids react to FiM without pressure from outside sources or peers.

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