• Instrumental Music: Pinkie is Twitchy! / Friendship / As She Fell Behind / Jelly Pony battle theme / A Troubled Past

    We have a mix of all kinds of instrumental stuff this time around.  Find them all below!

    1.) Pinkie is Twitchy! PONIES ARE EVIL! EP out now!!! (Orchestral Metal)
    2.) Friendship (Piano)
    3.) As She Fell Behind (Acoustic)
    4.) DasDeer - Jelly Pony battle theme (Boss Fight!)
    5.) A Troubled Past - Spark (Drums and Bass / Electronic)

  • Comic: Tales from Ponyville

    Comic time once again everyone, this time with a new one from Madmax! I haven't really watched much of the old style sci-fi mystery and suspense shows and films, but seeing pony parodies of them from time to time has gotten me interested in checking them out. Guess I have something to do during the summer hiatus!

    Click above for the full comic!
  • YTPMV: The Bwargh of Fillydelphia / Fasten Your Steroids / Mega Mare X2

    YTPMV Time! That first one is seriously amaaazing. I've been told I drag vowels a buuunch. It's fuuuuun. But seriously, if you haven't tried YTPMV's before, that's a good one to start with!

    Check them out below!

    1.) The Bwargh of Fillydelphia
    2.) YTPMV: Fasten Your Steroids
    3.) Mega Mare X2 - intro stage

  • More Welovefine Shirts, and Some News!

    Tons of new shirts are up on Welovefine!  Everything from movie parodies to just generally really neat shirts.  You can find them all after the break, and above! And as always, this link will get you the most recent new shirts for easy browsing. 

    A few nights ago we announced a few of their Skyrim shirts being sent the way of the dodo.  It looks like there may have been an actual reason for this.  Both had the words "Fus Ro Dah!" on them, and it looks like these are in the process of being copywritten.  Hope you guys picked them up while you could!

  • Nintendo Re-Enacted By Ponies + Bonus Shorts!

    Still catching up on all the really cool stuff! It's amazing what just two days of semi-awayness can do.

    Above, we have ponies with Nintendo powers!

    And below, we have two extra really short ones. Click them all for full.

  • PMV: Oh no! / It's a Brand New Day

    Editing, Lip Synch, Rainbow Dash! Can we ask for anything more? I think not!

    We also have Fluttershy being evil, because that's always fun.

  • Story Updates April 15th (Evening)

    We have a whopping eleven updates this time around! check them all out below!

  • Comic: That's Not Derpy / Pickles / Twilight Vs Technology 8

    Comic time folks! Got a variety of them for you today that landed in our inbox. Above we've got Pinkie Pie coming up with another one of her unusual theories. She does have one vivid imagination doesn't she? While down below we have Pinkie and some pickles, and Twilight once again not having the best of luck with technology.

    Click for full!

  • Story: A Still More Glorious Dawn Awaits (Update Part 10!)


    Author: CDRW
    Description: One thousand years after Celestia banished her sister and crowned herself Empress, six mares are caught up in a swirl of intrigue and disaster. Each of them must decide who and what they stand for, because Luna is returning, and she is not Nightmare Moon.
    A Still More Glorious Dawn Awaits (New Part 10!)

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, long, mystery, action, character study
  • Inside the My Little Pony Royal Wedding Event

    As some of you may have probably picked up from the various tweets and miscellaneous comments floating around the internet in the past few days, we were invited to attend the Royal Wedding event in Culver City, California on Saturday.  It's pretty amazing how much press this finale is getting! I think everyone is a surprised at how successful Friendship is Magic has become.

    Anyway, check the writeup out after the break!

  • Story: Silver Skies (Update Part 6!)

    [Normal] [Sad] [Adventure] "Never before have I wanted to put my foot to Trixie's backside. This is Trixie at her Trixie-est. I felt for that old Mare that only wanted to offer her a home..." - Pre-reader #45

    Author: Mr. T. Rolly
    Description: This is the story of an unsuccessful show mare heading for the City of Entertainment, Las Pegasus, hoping to renew her tarnished name. On her path in life, she will let her past torments and her pride dictate her actions, slowly bringing her to the edge of Equestria where unknown dangers lurk. She has yet to realize how long and tiring her tale will become and will never see the opportunities to get what she really wants.
    Silver Skies (New Part 6!)

    Additional Tags: Tragedy, Trixie, Long
  • Story: The Ambassador's Son (Update Story 2 Part 12-17!)


    Author: Midnight Shadow
    Description: A noble earth-pony family, fallen somewhat on hard times, is killed in a mining accident. They leave behind a single male heir, who is in sore need of a guardian, and of protection. Celestia takes the young pony under her wing and delivers him not to ponies - not earth, unicorn or pegasus - but to a dragon, an ambassador, an old friend of hers.

    Playing a game which may just be deadly to the uninformed, the dragon decides that the one path open to him to ensure the safety of his charge and to carry out his sworn duty, is to adopt.
    The Ambassador's Son

    Additional Tags: dragons, betrayal, family, love, acceptance

    Story: King of Diamonds (Sequel)


    Author: Midnight Shadow

    Description: Lord Sapphire lays dead and Tacksworn is in ruins, but Chiphoof Irontail has come home to his adoptive father, Sharptooth the dragon. Amidst the destruction and chaos, the community and the circles of friendship within must rise again to face an uncertain future. The young scion of the Diamond Expanse Clan must now face his greatest threat as the forces of war build to a crescendo. With his friends by his side, together they will uncover forbidden mysteries and face off against ancient powers that have lain dormant for centuries.
    King of Diamonds (New Part 12-17!)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #395

    Like three hundred of you sent this image in.

    This is my last drawfriend. Later today you'll get your Seth back. I'm sure you've missed him.

    Source 1

  • Vocal Music: Still Shy VIP / I Hope You Like To See Me Again

    I love when you guys make these badass looking cover arts for your songs.  Keep it up!

    We have two vocals this time around, find them below!

    1.) AA - Still Shy VIP (ft. Metajoker)
    2.) Bartekko - I Hope You Like To See Me Again

  • Trailers: Mad Ponies [Intro] // Equestria 3: Canterlot's Most Wanted //

    Scootaloo is confused because trailers don't exist in Equestria.

    Bonus alternate quip: friendship explosion!

    We have two trailers this hour: one for Mad Men, and one for Madagascar 3.

    1) Mad Ponies [Intro]
    2) Equestria 3: Canterlot's Most Wanted

  • Instrumental Music: Twilights Ascension // A Symphonic Metal Tribute To My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic //

    A nightmare to remember!
    I'll never be the same.
    What began as laughter-
    so soon would turn to pain.

    The sky was clear and frigid-
    the air was thick and still.
    Now, I'm not one to soon forget-
    and I bet I never will.

    Two instrumentals this hour: one for Twilight Sparkle, and some symphonic metal.

    1) AgileDash - Twilights Ascension [Love And Generosity]
    2) A Symphonic Metal Tribute To My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

  • Story Updates April 15th (Morning)

    Story update time! How exciting! Have three below the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #291

    We interrupt our recent bout of Roundups by PK with some science. PK is currently busy helping us with some tests at Equestrian Innovations (don't worry, he signed all the forms so we're good) so I'll be filling in tonight! He'll, hopefully, be back to you all safe and sound soon.

    Have some news everyone!