• Nightly Roundup #291

    We interrupt our recent bout of Roundups by PK with some science. PK is currently busy helping us with some tests at Equestrian Innovations (don't worry, he signed all the forms so we're good) so I'll be filling in tonight! He'll, hopefully, be back to you all safe and sound soon.

    Have some news everyone!

    Brony At Sea
    I guess fans of MLP:FiM really do hail from everywhere. We've got word from a Brony serving on board a ship for Princess Cruises of his experiences with slow or no internet, no fellow Brony friends, and not being able to see ponies again till his contract ends in December! Best of luck to you man!

    Ponies Reenact Nintendo Games

    Pony Graffiti

    More pony graffiti has popped up, this time in a utility tunnel

    New Pony Merchandise - Pinkie Pie Projector

    Some new pony merchandise has been popping up, this time a Pinkie Pie Pose Projector. Apparently they have been showing up at Wal-Mart (at least in Pennsylvania) for around $5.

    Celestia Bath Towel
     A Celestia bath towel also appears to be in stores now so check for your favorite Sun Princess at your local store!

    My Little Pony Physics Presentation Hits 1 million!
    Not all of you may remember this one, but it's one of the first really popular pony class presentation videos from back in the day (this fandom grows so fast!) and it just reached it's 1 millionth view! Check it out if you're nostalgic or haven't seen it before!

    University of Washington - Chalk Drawings
    The University of Washington has made some chalk drawings of ponies on their campus sidewalks. I wish we had that sort of thing at our university!

    Full Gallery

    Group's Page

    Fluttershy Cake

    Why cake?! My only weakness!

    Vinyl Scratch Cake



    Copy Paste

    Description: The gang sit down and ask the burning "What the (yay) is up with Pinkie Pie?".


    That One Bronycast

    Episode 14
    Stuff of the Week

    Episode 9
    Brony Comms

    The Last Roundup
    The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario

    Copy Paste:

    Has the lack of a proper pony group in the KW area been bothering you?
    Well, you're in luck - the UW Brony group is now open for business!
    We're hoping to be an official UWaterloo club this fall - until then,
    join us on Facebook
    or Reddit! All are
    welcome, including Laurier students!
    Brony with Vengance

    Copy Paste:
    Brony with vengeance is the name of the meet up:
    Meet up 12:30-1pm
    1pm-4pm Food at a restaurant (i say 4pm latest but thats what i hope for)
    4pm-7pm (give or take) Shopping and everything between
    (Look at the one above) 7pm-8pm+ Watching the selected ponies episodes at wetherspoons for food and drinks

    This meet up was for the last two episodes of the season but got changed due to the fact we couldnt get a place to watch the episodes as they came online. So the event was pushed back a week so we have a whole two seasons of ponies to watch and chat. Any more info please go to the page and ask

    Group Link
    CronyFest 2012

    CronyFest 2012 will be held on Bundek lake on 28th of April 2012. Plan is to relax and enjoy nice spring time, and hang out with fellow bronies.
    Bring your own foods/drinks (since we don't have any sponsors to provide us with finance and/or food/drinks)
    Hosted by Zagreb Bronies
    for more details email us to: [email protected]

    links to group/event (event on facebook):

    Project Looking for Animators
    A new project is currently looking for animators. Check out the video for details.

    Viña del Mar (Chile) MeetUp
     Copy Paste:
    Este Sabado 21 de Abril se desarrollara una MeetUp para que puedan asistir y pasarlo genial!, el lugar de convocatoria es la entrada a la Quinta Vergara a las 15:00 en Viña del Mar. Mas informacion en el Link del evento
    Santa Clarita, California Meetup
    Copy Paste:
    Westfield Valencia Town Center on Saturday April 28, 2012. For more information please check out the event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/149438535185984/


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