• Inside the My Little Pony Royal Wedding Event

    As some of you may have probably picked up from the various tweets and miscellaneous comments floating around the internet in the past few days, we were invited to attend the Royal Wedding event in Culver City, California on Saturday.  It's pretty amazing how much press this finale is getting! I think everyone is a surprised at how successful Friendship is Magic has become.

    Anyway, check the writeup out after the break!

    First off is a showing of what the actual event looked like before it was flooded with people.   For a mock wedding event, they definitely pulled off the feel of one.

    It sure did fill up fast though! I honestly wasn't expecting so many people, but it was a full on armada!

    Unfortunately, my camera didn't exactly agree with the lighting, but we have recieved a few stray images from The Hub  and other people, so hopefully those make up for the semi-blurry ones I toss in here.  

    Most of the games and activities were geared more toward the kids that were invited.  They had cake decorating, bouquet building, Horseshoes, and a Photo Booth with Shining Armor and Princess Cadance cutouts.   We did give the Horseshoes a shot, but I am apparently really terrible at it, because mine kept sliding under the props behind them as opposed to actually landing on the spikes.

    One thing to note: It's interesting seeing actual kid fans of the show watch it.  They react totally different.  I've never actually seen that before.  

    Lets get on to the really cool stuff! First off, Tara Strong, Will Anderson, and Meghan McCarthy were all there as the primary pony celebrities.  Will unfortunately had to leave pretty early, but we did spend a ton of time bothering Tara and Meghan about various things.

    Both of them are amazed at the support our community has given them, and Tara loves her little brony army on Twitter.  We tried to convince Meghan to get one started up too, so hopefully we can all join her tweet ranks in a bit!  It's awesome how in tune they all are with our crazy fandom here.  As is the norm for getting a signing from Tara, we all had to sing Twilightlicious, but it was totally worth it in the end.  You guys better practice!

    On the other end of the spectrum, all of The Hub's folks really loved us.  We talked to whole assortment of them from different levels in the company, and they were all completely ecstatic.  A few of them actually visit EQD every few hours just to catch up on what the community is up to.  It's not often the top tiers in a company actually explore fan sites for fun.  Needless to say, it was awesome to see how excited they are about us, and promise a ton of cool stuff in the future dedicated to bronydom, including a few hints at some cool merch even beyond the upcoming Scratch/Trixie/Nightmare Moon/Zecora sets.

    I'm sure you are all curious about the actual screening of the episode though!  For the sake of spoilers, the only thing  I can say is that it is seriously the most epic two part we have received so far.  Back to back, it feels like a Lion King style high budget Disney movie.  I'm really glad we won't have to wait a week between the the two when they both air on the 21st.   That's all I'm saying though! I almost recommend avoiding the bronynet entirely until it's out, this isn't something you want spoiled.   We will not be reporting on any leaked episode content here on EQD until April 22nd's Episode Followup. ( Officially released trailers and screenshots are fine though, of course.)

    We did get to meet the inspiration for Princess Cadence though. 

    That girl is going to be famous one day. She is actually the daughter of one Hasbro Studio's Executives.  It's definitely a catchy name!

    Thanks again to everyone at The Hub for letting us join, and thanks to all of you for supporting EQD enough to make it possible.  Without the tight community bonds the FiM Fandom has, the show and this website wouldn't be anywhere near the scale they are today.  

    Now get out there and prep your TV's or find a stream! This episode definitely isn't something you want to miss!