• Nightly Roundup #287

    Majora's Mask is the best Zelda game.

    If you disagree with me I will fight you. Meet me in the playground outside the school at 3.
  • Vocal Music: My Fluttershy

    Fluttershy needs more music! Thankfully Mandopony has heard the call, and released an entire track dedicated to her!

    The closes thing I could compare this to is either Beach Boys or The Beatles, it definitely has a classic sound to it.

    Find it after the break!

  • PMV: Ein bisschen Frieden / Charlie Brown/Cartoon Heart

    We have PMV's this time around! You like PMV's don't you? Where did PMV come from anyway?

    1.) J.B.O. - Ein bisschen Frieden (a bit of peace) PMV
    2.) Charlie Brown/Cartoon Heart (PMV)

  • A Statistical Analysis of the Population of Ponyville

    Every so often, a brony with a head for numbers will get very curious or very bored and turn to the world of Equestria with wonder in his eyes and ask, "What is this place, filled with so many ponies?" Then they go and find their answers buried amidst the numbers, using some pretty in depth techniques. dziadek1990 is one such brony, and he's gone ahead and mapped out the population of ponyville, assuming a few key facts remain true.

    Is he on the money? Well, in Equestria Daily's double blind taste test, four out of five Lyras couldn't tell the difference between his work and the leading national brand. So take a look here and decide for yourself. And while we're all here let's make this a discussion topic: what does Ponyville look like in your head? What would you do to survey it and take census, and how valuable do you believe this sort of information is?
  • Story: Friendship is Rubbish


    Author: HiddenBrony
    Description: Three presenters of Equestria's highest rated show about carriages find themselves with a hefty task for their season premiere.
    Friendship is Rubbish

    Additional Tags: Written under the influence of British Television
  • Vocal Music: Mule in Equestria / Fluttershy Patience take 2 / Element of Blues

    I think this is the first mule song we have had so far.

    It's vocal time! Check them all out below!

    1.) Mule in Equestria
    2.) Fluttershy Patience take 2
    3.) Zonak & LyokoFreaks - "Element of Blues"

  • Comic: Pokemans Pink

    Click for Full
    Yet another comic from Madmax! I always wondered what happened to that mouse. Pinkie, maybe you should lay off the Pokemon for awhile, eh?
  • Music Remixes: Rarity Likes Straws (Replacer Remix) // Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme // Cupcakes Rock! //

    Don't tell me what I want to hear-
    Afraid of never knowing fear.
    Experience anything you need-
    I'll keep fighting jealousy.

    Three remixes this hour: one for Rarity liking straws, one for Twilight's Fighting is Magic stage theme, and... cupcakes, I guess.

    1) Stablefree - Rarity Likes Straws (Replacer Remix)
    2) MLP Fighting is Magic - Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme(Korw Remix)
    3) Cupcakes Rock!

  • Royal Wedding Updates: Most over the Top on Buzzfeed, and Win a Trip to London!

    We have a few neat little tidbits of information involving the upcoming season finale this time around.

    First off, over on Buzzfeed, the Royal Wedding has been chosen as one of the most over-the-top TV weddings. I could definitely back that! Landing Tori Spelling to host it pretty much tossed it into astronomical levels of hype. 

    And for users of Optimum, a cable company in the USA, it looks like a new sweepstakes has started up, with the grand prize being a trip for four to London!   Sadly, just viewing the page requires an active subscription, but you can find it here regardless! Someone uploaded a commercial to Youtube about it, though it doesn't go into details on what exactly is required. 

    It's pretty amazing how much promoting they are doing for this.  I can't wait to see the actual episode now!


    Screenshot from Octavia_ in comments!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #390

    Crossover edition!   We have a whole bunch of them this time around for some crazy reason.  Above is Nautilus from the League of Legends "Draw a pony" Competition.

    More art below!

    Source 1
  • Twlightlicious Invades Ebay for Charity

    Tara Strong has placed the signed Twilitlicious shirt up on Ebay for all of you to bid on! 100% of the final sale price goes directly to the Children's Hospital and Research Center Foundation.  Clearly this needs to be bombarded! #Twilightlicious will reign supreme!

    She has plans to place four more up once they arrive, so keep an eye out for another update in the near future!
  • Games: The Solar Empire Strikes Back / Derpy Game

    We have two relatively simple games this time around.  The first one is a "dodge the missiles" type, where you move Twilight's balloon around and... dodge missiles! Imagine that!

    And the second is all about catching things with Derpy.  Pies, Apples, Muffins,  its raining all sorts of food, and Derpy needs to eat!

    So... they are essentially opposite from one another.  It's interesting how that happens sometimes.

    Click the images for the games!

  • Music: Apogee to Perigee / Out of control party animal / Showdown

    We have a mix of music this time around. First off is some Luna autotune, followed by a completely ridiculous Pinkie Pie track, and finishing with some Twilight Vs Trixie. Check them out below!

    1.) Facexplodie - Apogee to Perigee
    2.) DJ Tailshaker - Pinkie pie - Out of control party animal
    3.) Mogul Dash vs. Andi - Showdown

  • PMV: Bravery (Don't Bring Me Down) // [pmv] complicated mares //

    Only two PMVs for you this hour, but they both involve Fluttershy. I'm not sure if that makes up for it or not.

    1) Bravery (Don't Bring Me Down)
    2) [pmv] complicated mares

  • Story: The Endless Sky

    [Sad] [Grimdark]

    Author: SoundofRainfall
    Description: It is said that an individual is the sum of their experiences, and that everyone has a reason for acting the way that they do. For the most misunderstood griffon in Equestria, such words hit closer to home than she would ever admit. Childhood trauma, constant rejection, a few good friends, and one catastrophic mistake all served to shape her in ways that not even she is fully aware of. This is the tale of Gilda the griffon, from her early childhood up until the day before her outburst in Griffon the Brush-Off.

    The Endless Sky

    Additional Tags: Origin Story, Gilda, Growing Up, Identity, Long
  • Story Updates April 10th (Morning)

    Morning story updates anyone? Suure.

    We have three this time around, find them below!

  • Nightly Media: Right Brain Pony Infection

    I for one welcome out Nightly Media overlords, that and I forgot my sheets in the washer so I'm skipping the sleep thing tonight.

    Have a PMV!

  • Nightly Roundup #286

    Okay, is this thing on? Are you- oh, good. I managed to escape from the laundry room! Phoe came in  to give me my daily Equestria Innovations Industrial Strength Brainwashing Fluid and Baby Formula and I managed to wrest her riding crop away and escape. I won't say where I'm writing this from, but-

    Oh, crap, I better get writing, I hear hoofsteps.