• Royal Wedding Updates: Most over the Top on Buzzfeed, and Win a Trip to London!

    We have a few neat little tidbits of information involving the upcoming season finale this time around.

    First off, over on Buzzfeed, the Royal Wedding has been chosen as one of the most over-the-top TV weddings. I could definitely back that! Landing Tori Spelling to host it pretty much tossed it into astronomical levels of hype. 

    And for users of Optimum, a cable company in the USA, it looks like a new sweepstakes has started up, with the grand prize being a trip for four to London!   Sadly, just viewing the page requires an active subscription, but you can find it here regardless! Someone uploaded a commercial to Youtube about it, though it doesn't go into details on what exactly is required. 

    It's pretty amazing how much promoting they are doing for this.  I can't wait to see the actual episode now!


    Screenshot from Octavia_ in comments!