• A Statistical Analysis of the Population of Ponyville

    Every so often, a brony with a head for numbers will get very curious or very bored and turn to the world of Equestria with wonder in his eyes and ask, "What is this place, filled with so many ponies?" Then they go and find their answers buried amidst the numbers, using some pretty in depth techniques. dziadek1990 is one such brony, and he's gone ahead and mapped out the population of ponyville, assuming a few key facts remain true.

    Is he on the money? Well, in Equestria Daily's double blind taste test, four out of five Lyras couldn't tell the difference between his work and the leading national brand. So take a look here and decide for yourself. And while we're all here let's make this a discussion topic: what does Ponyville look like in your head? What would you do to survey it and take census, and how valuable do you believe this sort of information is?