• Pony Gaga Invades Facebook Pony Creator

     One of the new keyboard shortcuts on the Facebook Pony Creator now creates Pony Gaga! 

    One thing to note with the Pony Creator for those that had issues with it in the past; reinstalling it fixes it for a good amount of people.  Try that if it refuses to load.  Facebook had some issues with past versions of it supposedly.

    They also have a few more shortcuts for different characters, try them out! Hold CTRL and mash random keys! [1]

    Also their official version!

    >Colt Nose

    You so silly Hub :p

    [1] EQD is not responsible for any computer issues that you may run into from mashing random keys.  
  • Story Updates March 20th (Night)

    Story update time! We have six this time around.  Check them out below.
  • More Stuff at Welovefine + Cupcake Contest Winners

    Welovefine has released yet another round of merchandise and announcements.   Included in this batch are a bunch of new posters from Hinoraito on Deviant Art, as well as a few missed shirts from Tsitra, and a PBS Parody one to top it off. 

    They have also thrown the top three cupcake winners up over on the Facebook page.

    Click past the break for more images, plus the winning cupcakes! I seriously didn't know those things were even capable of art.  Maybe we should do a cake competition once Phoe fixes out submitter!

  • New Silva Hound Albums Over on Bandcamp!

    Silva Hound has released two new albums over on his Bandcamp page.  I'm sure a bunch of you already follow his music, so why not toss some support!

    The first is dedicated to various OC ponies floating around,  that can be found here!

    And the other is titled party cannon, and filled with all sorts of crazy trance pony stuff.  Find that here!

  • Music Remix: Pinkie's Smile Song (8-Bit) / Discord (Contempt Remix - Drumstep/Dub) / Princess of the Night (extended)

    We have an 8 bit smile smile smile, some revamped Eurobeat Brony, and Princess of the Night from Friendship is witchcraft this time around! I still say we need more lyrics for that third one. The original song left me wanting more!

    1.) Smile Smile Smile (Pinkie's Smile Song) (8-Bit)
    2.) Eurobeat Odyssey - Discord (Contempt Remix - Drumstep/Dub)
    3.) Princess of the Night (extended)

  • Story: An Eccentric Trespasser (Update Part 7+8+9+10!)

    [Adventure] [Sci-Fi]

    Author: Tales
    Description: A mysterious brown Earth pony sneaks into Canterlot Castle, only to be caught by Princess Celestia herself. Curiously, Celestia is intrigued by the seemingly endless stream of nonsense this pony seems wont to speak. Luna soon joins them, and the group heads into the very depths of the castle, where something has been lurking for far too long...

    An Eccentric Trespasser (New Part 7+8+9+10!)

    Additional Tags: Doctor Who, Adventure, Mystery
  • Elecronic Instrumental Music: Poni Robots / Dragon Trek / Canterlot Dreams

    Pony robots you say? I could roll with that. Have some electronic music!

    1.) Omnipony - Poni Robots (Dubstep)
    2.) Dragon Trek - the Phony Brony (Trance)
    3.) 5COPY - Canterlot Dreams (Club Mix)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #Gmod Edition

    Well, not the first! We did have one a while back!

    Anyway, D4shth3r4inb0w from Deviant Art compiled a bunch of Gmod images for us to toss into a drawfriend style post.  There are some pretty awesome ones here!

    You know the drill, check it all out below.

    Source 1

  • Random News: New ThinkGeek Shirt, Derpy Invades Christian Science Monitor, Archie V. Joins Kontor Records, and Bobby likes Ponies

    Lots of minor, but interesting stuff happening today!

    First off, Thinkgeek has released an elements of harmony shirt.  For those that don't know anything about the site, it's pretty heavyily involved in the geek culture as a place for memes/weird gadgets.  They are a bit late on this one though!

    And in other news, the Christian Science Monitor let loose an article heavily influence by Derpygate.  It revolves around how much of a say fans of different TV shows have on the final product, and our favorite wall eyed mare took center stage as an example of how far studios are willing to go these days.  It has a few interesting quotes from Jayson Thiessen, though I think I have seen them before, have the coolest one:
    "As soon as the episode airs, I can go online and see people's responses in real time," says Jayson Thiessen, supervising director for "My Little Pony." "I can actually watch them watch the show and see their comments."- Jayson Thiessen
    Again though, I swear I have seen that before.  They may have borrowed it from elsewhere.

    We also have some neat news coming from the music community.  A while back, Archie V. announced that he had been signed with an actual record label.  Earlier today, he released a few demo tracks for everyone to check out.  I have been told he will be creating pony tracks in his typical electronic style, and his avatar does appear to still roll with a more equine shape.  Check out his teaser track here!

    Unfortunately, his old music has been set to private for the time being.  Hopefully you all saved it while you could!

    And finally, we have Bobby from King of the Hill obsessing over ponies.  That can be found after the break.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #368

    This show needs tribal ponies.  I knew there was something missing!  We have hit all of my favorite settings already;  ice caves, volcanoes, creepy forests, haunted houses, its time for tribal!

    Source 1
  • Simple PMV: Alcohol // Awolnation - Soul Wars // Each Other (Skillet PMV) //

    How do I get home-
    if I can't find myself?
    How do I get home-
    if even you can't help?

    1) Alcohol
    2) [PMV] Awolnation - Soul Wars
    3) Each Other (Skillet PMV)

  • Comic: 2000 Years Later / Celestia VS Discord / Pony 4 Koma

    Some more comics heading your way everypony! Poor Twilight, maybe it's best if you lay off the time traveling for awhile.

    Down below we have Discord acting like his usual self and Luna reacting maybe a little too enthusiastically to getting the newest edition of one of her favorite game series (she's a little late to the party, but we can forgive her, right?)

    Click for full as always!

  • Story: Barking Mad


    Author: TheEsperBrony
    Description: A mare trapped in her own mind. What is a day for her like? And what horror could drive such a sweet pony to madness? If only she weren't so barking mad, maybe she could tell us. Maybe, she still can.

    Barking Mad

    Additional Tags: Short, Sad, Tragic, Backstory, Filly's Point of View
  • Music: Opposites Attract (Octavia vs Vinyl Scratch) // Sunrise above Equestria // Derpy's Journey Part 3 //

    It's in your eyes, a colour fade out-
    looks like a new transition.
    The starting up and shaking your ground-
    turning your head to see a new day calling.

    Three instrumental tracks: Octavia and Scratch, some trance, and part three of Derpy's Journey.

    1) pRK befriends Woody - Opposites Attract (Octavia vs Vinyl Scratch)
    2) Nicolas Dominique - Sunrise above Equestria
    3) Derpy's Journey Part 3

  • BTVA Awards - Lots of Pony!

    A new awards series called Behind the Voice Actors has popped up,  and it looks like a whole bunch of pony has been added to the mix. 

    As is the norm, they need voters! Unfortunately, some of our favorites are actually against eachother, so you will have to pick and choose.

    First off, we have both Andrea Libman (Pinkie Pie) and Tara Strong (Twilight Sparkle) aiming for best female voice actor

    Claire Corlett (Sweetie Belle) and Michelle Creber (Apple Bloom) are both running for best child voice acting

    In the Breakthrough category, you can find Ashleigh Ball.  Fortunately she isn't being pitted against any other pony actors. 

    And finally, John De Lancie is up for Best Guest Role as Discord.

    So, get out and vote! Lets make them all win.
  • Game: Pony Emblem - Tactics and Ponies!

    In think Madmax's OC pony was the first time I actually started to like OC's! Shes so cute...

    Anyway, we have another pony crossover in the works, this time taking over the tactics filled battlefield of Fire Emblem. The team working on it has released a quick demo video detailing the different features and aspects you should expect to see in the near future. Find the video, and the writeup, after the break!

    Or hit their website up here!

  • Random Pony "Creator" Game on Foreign McDonalds Website

    Over at Happy Studio World, it looks like every single language other than English has their own pony game.   I say game instead of creator, primarily because this little pegasus here is pretty picky! She will react based on what colors/hair/wings you toss on to her; everything from angry and snarling shown above, to happy and jumping found below.  It's actually pretty well animated for a Mcdonalds game.

    Head on over to this page, pick something other than English when the balloons pop up (I went with Italian personally), register your character (Choose female if you want pony costumes for your avatar), and go through the confirmation email step, then click Pinkie Pie to play.

    Thanks to Михаил for the screenshots and heads up about it! Who would have thought to dig into some random McDonalds game for pony?
  • Untitled

  • Be Hypnotized

  • Nightly Roundup #272

    It's night here at EQD, so have some Nightmare moon to celebrate with.  

    And some nightly roundup stuff after the break too!

  • Story Updates March 20th (Morning)

    Story update time! Lots of good stuff here, and even some really old ones that haven't updated in forever. 

    Check it all out below.