• Game: Pony Emblem - Tactics and Ponies!

    In think Madmax's OC pony was the first time I actually started to like OC's! Shes so cute...

    Anyway, we have another pony crossover in the works, this time taking over the tactics filled battlefield of Fire Emblem. The team working on it has released a quick demo video detailing the different features and aspects you should expect to see in the near future. Find the video, and the writeup, after the break!

    Or hit their website up here!

    Copy Pasta:
    Hello everyone! It has been quite a bit since our real last update, but finally, we bring you a nice treat to taste. If you're not informed about it yet, Pony Emblem is currently developing its own game engine from scratch, which allows for many more features and customization compared to the previous method of game editing.

    This time though, Maxia herself will help us with the announcing! She's going to present about what Pony Emblem is for the newcommers, information of the new features that Pony Emblem will have, and also a special request for everyone. But why don't you just see it yourself? I'm sure you must be bored by now of my speech, so let's let the mare do the magic!

    You can check both the english AND spanish version of the video in our new site. Also, we have a Twitter has tag #ponyemblem for the more immediate updates. You can also use it to ask any doubt you may have (the site also has a formulary to do so). That being said, I leave you with the links now. Enjoy!

    Website: http://ponyemblem.com
    Twitter: #ponyemblem