• Random News: New ThinkGeek Shirt, Derpy Invades Christian Science Monitor, Archie V. Joins Kontor Records, and Bobby likes Ponies

    Lots of minor, but interesting stuff happening today!

    First off, Thinkgeek has released an elements of harmony shirt.  For those that don't know anything about the site, it's pretty heavyily involved in the geek culture as a place for memes/weird gadgets.  They are a bit late on this one though!

    And in other news, the Christian Science Monitor let loose an article heavily influence by Derpygate.  It revolves around how much of a say fans of different TV shows have on the final product, and our favorite wall eyed mare took center stage as an example of how far studios are willing to go these days.  It has a few interesting quotes from Jayson Thiessen, though I think I have seen them before, have the coolest one:
    "As soon as the episode airs, I can go online and see people's responses in real time," says Jayson Thiessen, supervising director for "My Little Pony." "I can actually watch them watch the show and see their comments."- Jayson Thiessen
    Again though, I swear I have seen that before.  They may have borrowed it from elsewhere.

    We also have some neat news coming from the music community.  A while back, Archie V. announced that he had been signed with an actual record label.  Earlier today, he released a few demo tracks for everyone to check out.  I have been told he will be creating pony tracks in his typical electronic style, and his avatar does appear to still roll with a more equine shape.  Check out his teaser track here!

    Unfortunately, his old music has been set to private for the time being.  Hopefully you all saved it while you could!

    And finally, we have Bobby from King of the Hill obsessing over ponies.  That can be found after the break.