• PMV: What's New Pinkie Pie? / Rarity's Lights / It's My Life

    PMV time! Scooby doo, Rarity, and some Bon Jovi can be found below!

    1.) [PMV] What's New Pinkie Pie?
    2.) Rarity's Lights
    3.) It's My Life [PMV]

  • Story Updates March 16th (Evening)

    Story updates for a day of no posts, and we still only have four.  It seems like you guys save these and do them all at once or something. 

  • Charity: Seeds of Kindness Album

    You may remember the "Smile!" album from a while back, that raised a whole pile of money for charity.  It's time for yet another music inspired project hosted by the guys over at My Little Remix.  They have released a short teaser to give you a glimpse of what will be available when it becomes available in April.

    The actual charity group is currently seeking prize donations.  The same things are being looked for as last time; Plushies, customs, commissions, even steam games.

    If you would like to contribute those, hit up this page for more information.

    Alternately, check out the main Bronies for Good hub page for more detail overall. 

    Anyway, hit the teaser up after the break! 

  • Story: School Daze (Update Sequel Complete!)

    [Shipping] [Sad] [Comedy]

    Author: Paleo Prints
    Description: After her students release the spirit of Discord on an official field trip, Cheerilee finds herself out of a job. With no opportunities in Ponyville, the schoolmare takes a job offer in the inner city area of Canterlot's old mining town. Can even she overcome the insanities of her colleagues and apathy of her students in time to pass her next annual review? And who is the mysterious backwards-talking filly following Cheerilee around? Luna's School for Disadvantaged Youngsters will never be the same!
    School Daze

    A Nightmare in Ponyville (Sequel Part 7!)

    Additional Tags: Stand and Deliver, 80's Movies, Teaching, School, Welcome Back Trotter
  • Music: Interrobang Pie - Pipsqueak's Thunder Plunder // She's A Glitch // Octavia's Final Boss Theme //

    Mixing it up with a classic music post tonight!

    We have as a feature a new something from Interrobang Pie! Following it are a remix by Tei The Pony and an Octavia intstrumental! It's like we're wild and crazy tonight or something.

    1) Interrobang Pie - Pipsqueak's Thunder Plunder
    2) TeiThePony ships with General Mumble - She's A Glitch
    3) Liquid Cobalt- Octavia's Final Boss Theme

  • TF2 Battle That Got Interrupted By Blogger!

    There was technically supposed to be a TF2 event today, but blogger derped.  It looks like they went ahead with it anyway though, and the finals are happening now.  Head on over here to watch team Dash vs team Rarity battle it out!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #363

    Luna is sad that EQD was delayed all day.

    I actually gathered everything for this a few hours ago, but it still managed to hit 47 total.  It's pretty crazy how much art you all produce!

    Source 1
  • Comic: Microwave (Madmax) / Cardboard Box

    Click for Full
    Welcome back everyone! Lots to catch up on so let's get to it, shall we? Continuing the trend of Twilight being awesome with an eye patch, we have a new comic from Madmax above. If you haven't had your daily dose of cute yet, look below for your fix!

    Click for Full
  • Dragon Quest Teaser Clip + Tons of Upcoming Episode Screenshots!

    Yay, time for ponies!

    First off, we have a new game over on the Hasbro My Little Pony website.  Go here, and click "My Little Pony Friendship Express Train Puzzle Adventure" to play it.

    Or click here.. Thanks whatshisgame once again for being better at web browsers than I will ever be.

    Included in the game, are a ton of new spoiler screenshots for the next few episodes, along with a full on teaser for Saturday's Dragon Quest episode

    Thanks to the armada of people that sent it all in.  I tossed it on the twitter/facebook groups for those following that as well. 

    Anyway, charge after the break for SO MANY SCREENSHOTS.

  • Blogger Returns!

    Well, that was fun. 

    I'm going to avoid flooding you all with a million posts, especially since the most recent one was way cooler than anything anyway.

    Remember, when EQD looks dead, hit up the Twitter or Facebook pages for updates on it.   I keep updates rollin on those.  This is the second time it has happened. 
  • Story: Fostering Intelligence


    Author: The Grey Potter
    Description: A being that exists to perpetuate chaos. A creature that only knows how to destroy order and peace, tearing itself, and everything around it to pieces. A Draconequus is disorder, violence, and death.
    As a child, Discord must confront this definition, and come to terms with it his own way.
    Fostering Intelligence

    Additional Tags: Abuse, Growing Up, Societal Expectations
  • Comic: A Long Time Ago / Great and Powerful / Suiting Up For Stealth

    I don't think the time traveling Twilight Sparkle gag will ever get old.   Have some of that above, Trixie being ridiculous on the bottom left, and Pinkie Pie being confused on the bottom right!

  • Story: The Blue; The Fool

    [Sad] So much sad Trixie lately!

    Author: Lucefudu
    Description: After fleeing from Ponyville, Trixie scolds herself for ruining another grand opportunity in her career as a showmare. Once she remembers that most her belongings were forgotten on the small town, Trixie rushes back to retrieve them. It is then that she meets another pony, unbiased and unprejudiced, who unawarely gives the cerulean showmare a nudge in the right direction.
    The Blue; The Fool

    Additional Tags: Trixie, Remembering, Pinkie Pie, Heartwarming, Music-Inspired
  • Drawfriend Stuff: League of Legends Edition

    We haven't had a themed drawfriend in forever, so have some League of Legends! Someone sent me a whole mess of these last night, so I figured this was the best way to handle it.  

    We might be doing a Drawing Training ground event based on video game characters in a few days.  We are just waiting for the submitter to do a bit of migrating.  I think a league day would be fun, along with a Valve day, a Capcom day, maybe a Nintendo day...


    Have some art. 

    Source 1
  • Bronyville and Everfree Podcast Updates!

    I was told a lot of you actually use EQD specifically to follow these guys!  So I will be a bit more diligent on getting their posts up from now on.  Remember to subscribe to their stuff too though!  They love it when they get some followers!

    Copy Pastes for both shows, as well as links, can be found after the break!

  • Nightly roundup #269

    This was going to be out about an hour ago, but I kept getting distracted (Pic related).  That seems to happen a lot at night.  So much for busting it out early so I can play Mass Effect!

    Have some news.

  • Video of the Night: The Boy From New York City

    This has to be cheating somehow. A lip syncing PMV where the song is actually sung by the voice actor, but is completely unrelated to the show that she usually takes part in?! It's like some kind of freaky paradox!

    And also really neat.

    Check it out after the break!

  • Story Updates March 15th (Morning)

    Big Mac is on his way with a bunch of story updates! Check them out below.