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    I was told a lot of you actually use EQD specifically to follow these guys!  So I will be a bit more diligent on getting their posts up from now on.  Remember to subscribe to their stuff too though!  They love it when they get some followers!

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    Dear Princess Celestia,

    Oh hi. I didn’t see you there. We here at the Bronyville Scientific Time Travel Research Center and Stuff have been made aware of statements from one Miss Sparkle about her assumptions that time travel is considered by many in our community as ‘impossible’. We found out about this through an episode featuring AC, Chef and The Living Tombstone where the talked about the great and powerful Tara Strong, alternate universes, and how Twilight overall should stop worrying and love the time paradox.

    Apple Cider
    Episode 45

    This week on EFR Moonlight, Autumn, and Bones review "It's about time," and Final Draft interviews musician and artist Makkon.  Tune in! 

    Episode 15