• Nightly roundup #269

    This was going to be out about an hour ago, but I kept getting distracted (Pic related).  That seems to happen a lot at night.  So much for busting it out early so I can play Mass Effect!

    Have some news.

    Alternate FiM Credit Reel

    Kinda sad right there! Reminds me of one of those anime movies where EVERYONE DIES.

    Turnabout Storm Preview Video

    Fans of the Turnabout Storm series on Youtube will probably find something to enjoy in their preview of the upcoming episode. Check that out below!

    Smile Smile Smile on Floppy Drives

    That must take forever to pull off. Impressive as always! I'm glad we have found a use for these old drives.

    Through the Eyes of Another Pony MST

    Yep, another one! Copy Paste:

    "Finally! After the amazing success that was the Past Sins Original Edit Community MST, we're back with another!

    We just got CardsLafter's approval to run a community MST for "Through the Eyes of Another Pony", so the first three chapters are below, and the next three will be out on the 15th!

    Have fun!"



    My little Dashie Show

    Apparently it doesn't actually involve my little dashie from what people are telling me. Check it out 9:00 PM EDT on Monday and Thursday here!

    Brony TV Fanfic Night

    Copy Paste:
    thursday night we'll be having another one of our fan fic nights. last time it ended up going karaoke. might do it again. join us thursday night 7:00 PM EST at


    Successful Meetups

    Latvia Meetup

    They have video, find it here!

    Indiana Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    Although we had a small crowd, I would consider the meetup a success. We raided the McDonald's of their toys and got some employees from Subway interested in our love for the show. I have several different pictures from the meetup, so if anyone wants more (or if you were at the meetup and I haven't gotten them to you yet) then email me at [email protected]


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Penn State Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    This Saturday at 3pm, the folks at PSU Bronies are arranging an informal shindig to take place at Sunset Park in State College. There will be fun activities, good food (grilled and/or vegetarian), and plenty of Alan Rickman. Ok, probably not, but at least some.

    After that, you may choose to attend the regular scheduled meetup that takes place at Jon’s apartment for a traditional episode viewing and other (more) ridiculous antics.

    Details and addresses can be found here

    If you don’t use facebook, email Eddie @ efs5058 (at) psu.edu for details.
    Friendship Brigade Site Revamp

    Copy Paste:
    Hello everypony! Are you a gamer who just can't seem to find any pony to play with? Trying to get together with other bronies to play games like Halo Reach, Uncharted, or any other game? Or, are you looking to simply discuss a wide variety of topics with your fellow gaming bronies? Well, look no further! Introducing the new and improved Friendship Brigade! With our new forum site, you can come together and meet other bronies gamers like yourself. We have combined elements from Facebook and Twitter and rolled them all up into a fancy forum site. You can also check out the main site (which can be found by pressing the HOME tab) and find various game dates and other events that the Brigade will be doing. We are also looking for people to host servers for the community as well, if you would like to host a server for us let an admin know on the forums. So come on down and join one of the largest growing brony gaming communities out there. We promise it will be one heck of a ride.


    Sudbury Meetup

    This is the group for all fans of 'My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic' who live in Sudbury (Northern Ontario) and want to meet new people, discuss the show, and have fun in general with other fans of the show. We meet once a week on Sunday and are always eager to accept new members.

    RDN Group

    (Chicago) Bronies Of UIC Meetup

    Place: Halsted Blue Line Stop

    Time: To be announced

    Google Group: HERE

    Taiwanese Group



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Custom Luna

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