• Vocal/Remix Music: Toast, Waffles, and Cupcakes / Wild Wild Dash / Shadow of a Flower (Commandspry Remix)

    This time around, we start off with a really neat cupcakes remix, followed by a Wild Wild west Rainbow Dash parody, and finish off with another Shadow of a Flower remix! I think we have capped out on those, someone create a new non-canon song to remix the hell out of!

    1.) Toast, Waffles & Cupcakes
    2.) Wild Wild Dash
    3.) Shadow of a Flower - StormWolf (CommandSpry remix)

  • Animation: Two Best Sisters Play: Assassins Creed - Brotherhood

    Bananas, Celestia, Luna, and video games.  What's not to love?

    Someone needs to take this concept and replace it with actual Luna and Celestia voicework.  I love two best friends just as much as the next Youtuber, but pure ponification of something like that would be glorious.

    Check it out after the break!

  • Another Brony Drinking Game!

    For all of you out there of the legal age to drink your respective countries, another new Friendship is Magic drinking game has popped up. From the looks of it, you will probably be pretty smashed by the end. This one throws a few more little wrenches in your way to keep things interesting. Princess Molestia herself will pay you a visit if your first dice roll is a one.

    (Note: Drink Responsibly. EQD is not liable for anyone ending up in the hospital from this!)

    Click the image above for the full version!
  • Story: Fetlock Holmes and the Butterfly Killer (Update Part 5!)


    Author: DawnFade
    Description: A series of brutal murders seize the attention of the worlds greatest consulting detective. Soon after meeting his eventual partner Jog Watson, Holmes must contend with the Butterfly Killer, a serial murderer who only kills when it rains and always leaves a dead butterfly with the victim. The only suspects: a classroom of young ponies.
    Fetlock Holmes and the Butterfly Killer (New Part 5!)

    Additional Tags: Murder, Mystery, Deduction, Friendship, Butterflies
  • Instrumental Music: Flying / Pip The Pirate / Through Time

    Instrumental time! We haven't had a hardstyle one in a while, I'm sure the people out there that like it will find something to enjoy.

    We also have some Dash and more time travel! Charge

    1.) Flying
    2.) Pip The Pirate (Ft. Robochi-The-Rum-Drinker) (Hard Style)
    3.) Through Time - Woody

  • New Welovefine Shirts - Everfree, Tsitra, New Episodes, and More!

    It has been a while since we tossed a huge We Love Fine shirt compilation up.  Quite a few things have been going on over there!

    First off, Tsitra was added as one of their fan shirt artists.  Apparently his posters did really well, so they had to convert them into clothing!  I'd totally go for the Fluttershy one, just sayin.

    We also have some new ones dedicated to the Everfree Northwest convention, three designs total in fact.

    And as always, the new episode has been mined for awesome ideas.  Metal Gear Sparkle joins the selection with an Escape from New York parody.

    We have a bunch of others below the break, including more Octavia.  Charge!
  • Super Best Friends Forever Clip

    I was going to save this for the roundup, but enough people are sending it that I guess we can consider it pony related enough! Plus I want to post it, cause batgirl is awesome, and Tara Strong. 

    Super Best Friends has a new clip on Youtube.  For those that haven't been following it, this is Lauren Faust's new show.   They may not be cute anime eye ponies, but they still have a similar art style going on. 

    Check the video out after the break!

  • Animation Analysis: Zip Lines

    Gbeaudette over on Youtube has released yet another animation analysis, this time dedicated to the zip lines, found in the image above.  Friendship is Magic regularly employees these,  and I personally never gave them even a second thought.  I guess I'd be screwed if they ever hired me to animate!

    He also did one about Applejack a few weeks ago about Applejack throwing a Hay bale that I never plugged, you can find both after the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #362

    Cheaters...  With those long legs, they are guaranteed to win.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Story: For Those We Left Behind



    Author: Drakmire
    Description: When her mother passes away unexpectedly, Twilight Sparkle reflects on a parent she neglected in pursuit of her own dreams. With only a little time left before the funeral, she returns home to piece together what she can of a life she barely remembers, hoping to make peace with the memories of a pony she took for granted.
    For Those We Left Behind

    Additional Tags: Regret, Discovery, Understanding, Compassion, Hope, Bittersweet
  • Story: Trains, Carriages and Airships (Update Complete!)


    Author: John Perry
    Description: If necessity is the mother of all invention, then assumption is the mother of all screw-ups. And there's no worse time to be making assumptions than when you're traveling - especially when what should have been a simple overnight ride turns into a three day trip from hell.
    Trains, Carriages and Airships (New Part 8!)

    Additional Tags: road trip, lost, Murphy's Law
  • Story: For I Am A Jelly God

    [Comedy][Dark] The link was wrong in the last one! You can find the old comments on the previous post, have a new one.

    Author: Posh
    Description: (Now unabridged!) A seemingly benign day in Ponyville turns terrifying as an army of multicolored blobs storm through the streets, swallowing ponies whole and generally making everything sticky and unpleasant. Can Twilight Sparkle overcome this terrifying (yet tantalizingly tasty) threat?
    For I Am A Jelly God

    Additional Tags: Obsessed with tubs of jelly
  • Comic; Pi Day / Cutie Mark Crusaders Documentary Film Makers / Derpy Comic

    The top one is actually sort of half flash, half comic.  It plays out in panels, but you use the arrow keys to switch between them.

    We also have the Scootaloo derpin, and Twilight Sparkle breaking time.  Click them all for full as always!

  • YTPMV: U.N Owen was a Pony? / Night Mare in Dreamland / Earth Pony Lighthouse

    YTPMV Time!  All your random and crazyness, combined with video game music, can be found after the break!

    1.) U.N Owen was a Pony? (1,500 Subscriber Special)
    2.) Night Mare in Dreamland
    3.) Earth Pony Lighthouse

  • Periodic Table of the Elements of Harmony

    Never was huge on chemistry myself.  I was always more focused on hurricanes and stuff when it came to science, but I think I'm second guessing that now.  Clearly the Elements of Harmony expanded can create just about anything if this chart is even slightly accurate, and considering it lists Trixie as charisma, I think I can back it.

    I did lol a bit at Vinyl Scratch's though.  It's so true...
  • Friendship is Witchcraft Episode 6 - Lunar Slander

    Time for some Luna!  After a few months of waiting, the 6th episode of Friendship is Witchcraft has finally released, and its a whopping nineteen minutes long.  Check it out after the break, or here!

  • Comic: Doctor Whooves - The Voice of the Elder

    We have yet another massive comic series here.  This one is massive not only in pages, but number of panels.  Seriously, these must take forever to produce.

    Doctor Whooves fans will probably find something to enjoy here, and at sixteen pages of complete madness, you definitely have some reading ahead of you. 

    Start the comic here, and follow the page changes in the description for more!
  • /fic/ Write-Off Round 2

    The writers over on the /fic/ board of ponychan recently hosted their second write-off.   I'll let the copy paste explain what was involved in that:
    Nineteen fics. One winner. Double-edged swords. It's that time of (arbitrarily chosen interval of time) again, and Ponychan's /fic/ has held another write off! Unfortunately, last time, we got only one more vote than entry—twenty votes to nineteen fics. This time, we need your help to decide which fic is best! There's even more pony than ever before—more pony than your body has room for—87,000 words, surpassing our previous record of 84,000, and we need your votes to decide the winners! 
    Why should you read these fics, you might ask? Good question, and the answer is because the fics are generally awesome. The last contest yielded this, and that author's entered again! But he's one of nineteen anonymous contestants, and most of the contestants you've seen here on Equestria Daily before.
  • Twilight Sparkle PMV: Vanilla Twilight

    I think one really neat video/song a night is a good trend! Have an awesome PMV Dedicated to Twilight Sparkle.
  • Nightly Roundup #268

    A roundup that isn't 90% meetups?! How could it be!

    We have a ton of interesting stuff in there tonight.  If you don't usually read roundups, now is the time to start!

  • Story Updates March 14th (Morning)

    I always did like this image. 

    Looks like seven story updates tonight! Hope you weren't planning on sleeping.