• /fic/ Write-Off Round 2

    The writers over on the /fic/ board of ponychan recently hosted their second write-off.   I'll let the copy paste explain what was involved in that:
    Nineteen fics. One winner. Double-edged swords. It's that time of (arbitrarily chosen interval of time) again, and Ponychan's /fic/ has held another write off! Unfortunately, last time, we got only one more vote than entry—twenty votes to nineteen fics. This time, we need your help to decide which fic is best! There's even more pony than ever before—more pony than your body has room for—87,000 words, surpassing our previous record of 84,000, and we need your votes to decide the winners! 
    Why should you read these fics, you might ask? Good question, and the answer is because the fics are generally awesome. The last contest yielded this, and that author's entered again! But he's one of nineteen anonymous contestants, and most of the contestants you've seen here on Equestria Daily before.

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here