• Nightly Roundup #268

    A roundup that isn't 90% meetups?! How could it be!

    We have a ton of interesting stuff in there tonight.  If you don't usually read roundups, now is the time to start!

    Kotaku's Pony Video Game Character Article

    I don't think those guys over at Kotaku can make up their mind! Half of them jab us, the other half ponify the world.

    Check the article out here.

    Horse Ninja Suits

    It looks like Equestria is totally accurate when it comes to equine metal gear/ninja suits. Horses in real life apparently use the same thing now days. According to the article, it helps regulate bloodflow and expel toxins. Pretty impressive! Check it out here.

    In The Groove Pony Mod Expanded

    Some of you were questioning what exactly the mod from yesterday did for In The Groove. Well, here is a video demonstrating it!

    The Daily Show My Little Kony Clip

    Last night, The Daily Show snuck into the roundup. Well tonight, we have a clip! check it out here.

    BBC America Features Doctor Whooves Doctor Who Article

    That's a lot of doctors! Someone's PMV was included in an article over at BBC. Check it out here! Not a bad PMV at that!

    Badass Twilight is like a whole new character when you look at her from outside the actual fandom.

    Blastr Plugs Game of Thrones Pony PMV

    It just keeps happening! Check SyFy's Blaster site out here!


    Twilight Sparkle will enlighten you, seriously, just do it.  Best site ever.

    Random Ridiculousness

    I still prefer the Trixie and Twilight ones... Don't tell anyone though.

    Dash Cake!

    It's so dashing~

    Pinkie Pie Computer Hacker Interviewed

    A few days ago we reported on someone who hacked Google Chrome with Pinkie Pie. Apparently, he was interviewed. Check that out here!

    Twilight Sparkle Supercut

    This video pretty much takes every single Twilight Sparkle line in the pilot and places them right next to eachother in order, without anyone else interrupting.

    Just in case you need to deluge yourself in the Sparkliest pony of them all.

    Iron Man's Sonic Rainboom


    Pony Mapping Contest Looking for Participants!

    Do you like playing custom pony maps? Do you like MAKING Custom pony maps? Well check out the video here for information on how you can join in the fun and create your own, in a competitive contesty environment!

    We need more pony in TF2, and this is the perfect way to do it!

    Fallout Equestria Book Printing Group

    Copy Paste:
    A group on Facebook is NEAR ready to begin printing hardcover copies of Fallout Equestria.

    This has been an effort over several months of organising, consulting the author, creating artwork, and formatting the book for a print version,
    and now the group is looking for more members in order to drive down printing costs.

    Check it out here if you want to help!


    Triple X Audiobook

    The fanfic Triple X has a new audio book! Check out this channel for chapters!

    Ponies with TnT Livestream

    Copy Paste:
    Hello everypony, Puzzle Plate here to tell you about this new
    livestream show I've got, It's called "Ponies with TnT" We're going to
    be playing minecraft and talking about ponies. Our first Stream is
    going to be this Friday at 9pm PST on here!

    So come on and join us Friday for shenanigans and random creeper


    Successful Meetups

    Ottowa Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    On March 10th ottawa bronies held their largest meetup to date. A grand total of 15 bronies showed up for laser quest fun. Some of them having travelled from places as far away as montreal! We also had a unexpected local celebrity guest in attendance, MEMJ0123, who is providing her wonderful voice and singing talents to a fanbased animation of MLP :)! Much revellry was had, a mcdonalds run, and epic tales discussed over ales and other beverages at a pub. To read a full synopsis with more pictures head to here!


    Stockholm Meetup Video

    The same group as last night! Check the video out here.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Xbox Clan Ad

    To Join: Click Here
    Info: We are a small Halo: Reach clan looking to get more members. We’re a laid back clan that loves Custom Games and Matchmaking. We have daily Team Slayer or Squad Slayer games together and if we recruit more members we can play other game types including Big Team Battle. We recently launched a new website, making the clan easier to join and more fun to be in. Please visit our website if you’re interested in joining or have any questions. NOTE: If you are already a member and have not joined our new site yet, PLEASE DO SO ASAP.

    Hillsdale College Meetup

    The Hillsdale Herd, the newly formed Brony group of Hillsdale College (located in Hillsdale, MI), will be hosting a small Mare-A-Thon.
    Meet by the small TV's in the Student Union, on March 31st at 3 p.m.
    For more information see the facebook event page,


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