• Felt Art Competition Submission Post and Winners

    The felt pony competition has come to a close! After the break you will find 74 entries.  I have to admit, I didn't expect such a huge turnout on this one due to the difficulty level, but once again, you have all surprised me.

    You want some winners though don't you! Deciding between all of these was probably one of the most difficult choice we have had so far in these little events.  The quality and creativity was just straight up impressive.  With the strict deadline, we couldn't open it up to the masses, so hopefully most of you will agree with the choices we made!

    First place can be found above as the header image, and wins a Friendship Express DVD, the Friendship Express Train, and a 11x17 Friendship Express Poster

    Runner Ups (Win One Friendship Express DVD Each):

    By Slip Stitch, California

    Slip Stitch, California

    By HairyFox - Austria

    HairyFox - Austria

    By Foxxy


    By slifertheskydragon - California

    slifertheskydragon - California

    Grats to all the winners!  As was stated in the competition rules, please send a picture of you holding up your contest entry to Sethisto@gmail.com (You can hide your face).  I am going to give a three day cushion on it, then default to some of honorable mentions below. (Feel free to let me know if you need an extension though in the same email box!)

    Thanks again for entering! We have a few more events coming up, so keep an eye out!

    And Atlur's take on me accidently posting our internal poll over here:

    Also number 4 poofed, oops :3
    All others can be found after the break!
  • Cathy Weseluck (Spike / Mayor Mare) Interviewed on Everfree Radio

    Over on Everfree Radio, Cathy Weseluck recently went through the interview process and answered a whole bunch of interesting pony stuff. 

    As always, you can find the full audio file at their page here!
  • PMV: The Legend of Pony: Navi Pie /Kyoto / Derpy Hooves: The Movie Trailer

    Pinkie Pie is the best Navi ever. Just go watch it.

    Yes, i realize Midna has nothing to do with that.  

    1.) The Legend of Pony: Navi Pie
    2.) [PMV] Kyoto
    3.) Derpy Hooves: The Movie Trailer

  • Comic: Stare / Baby Discord Part III

    Click for Full
    More Carrot Top and Derpy fun for you all! I can't get enough of these two.

    And for your daily dose of cute we have the latest Baby Discord comic below!

    Click for Full
  • Bronyville Extra: A Weekend with Jayson Thiessen

    As you may have noticed from the video a few days ago, Bronyvilly recently met up with Jayson Thiessen at Animation on Display.  Including the awesomeness of hangin out with the  top dog of Ponydom, they grabbed an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview.

    They gave me some copy paste too:
    Happy Sunday everypony! In a late weekend addition to your podcast
    lineup, Apple Cider and Chef Sandy awesome time at Animation on
    Display and as part of that weekend we were able to secure not one but
    two interviews with MLP:FiM Supervising Directory Jayson Thiessen. The
    first segment is part of a private podcast recording done in the Green
    Room at AOD and the second is part of a MLP Creative Q&A. We hope you
    enjoy. You can find the audio on the link provided or simply subscribe
    on any podcast service a la iTunes
    Check out their podcast on itunes here, or at their main website!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #346

    I guess it's Kirby edition? I can roll with that.

    Have some art!

    Source 1 

    And new Rainbow Dash banner for no specific reason from sylvrgale!
  • Story: The Mailmare (Update Part 9!)


    Author: theamberfox
    Description: It was supposed to be boring. The Annual Magic Users Convention is the one event of the year that recognizes all the accomplishments that unicorns, alicorns and other magic users have made. It's usually a night of long-winded speeches, mind-numbing presentations and unappetizing food. But when a certain mailmare finds two tickets to the convention addressed to her house, she decides that it is not only her privilege, but her duty to attend. And after suitably preparing herself for the occasion, she changes what is usually a boring night into one of the wildest and most bizarre experiences in a thousand years.
    The Mailmare (New Part 9!)

    Additional Tags: Annual Magic Users Convention, Nonsense, Nightmare Moon, Too Much Wine, Restraining Order
  • Story Updates February 27th (Evening)

    Just two this time around! Its Lyra time here in the story update queue.  Readers of Harpflank and Sweets, and Anthropology can find them both below.
  • Wallpaper Compilation #38

    Applebloom has never had a wallpaper compilation of her own! Clearly she deserves one.

    Have some more after the break!

  • Poll Results: Pick a Side Series!

    Daring do... lost?!  I guess you guys really like time travel or something! I thought for sure she would come out on top.

    I wonder though, did you vote because you like the DoctorXDerpy ship, or because you just like Doctor Who?

    Onward to new polls! I'm thinking of doing an extended Italian Vs. extended English intro poll.  What do you guys think?
  • Pony Toys: A More In-Depth Look from a Canadian McDonalds Employee

    Someone from a Canadian McDonalds sent us this image of their promotion sheet for the upcoming FiM Toys scheduled for the 9th of March. I am not completely sure how similiar Canada is in comparison to the rest of us, but I'm sure some of this information will be useful for those looking to Catch em' All ™.

    From last year's fiasco, it did seem like the actual toys being stocked were completely random by store. They may have buckled down a bit, but from what he tells us, we can expect the following to show up:

    Shipments come every 5 days:
    • Toys 1/2: Pinkie Pie and Rarity (By March 5th)
    • Toys 3/4: Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy (By March 5th)
    • Toys 5/6: Applejack and Lily Blossom (By March 10th)
    • Toys 7/8: Rainbow Dash and Cheerilee (By March 15th)
    This can vary store by store, but this is what they currently have set up. Each pair of ponies will most likely only arrive once per store, so it's best to check back often, and on the dates they should arrive.

    As with last year, you can actually purchase the toys separately, though it does vary pretty drastically from McDonalds to McDonalds. I ran into this personally last year, when one straight up refused to sell them separately, and charged a dollar each extra, and another wanted $2.50 per if you don't order anything.

    As for picking specific ones, you can request it, but it really does depend on who you talk to. Mcdonalds is a busy place, so try to find them during some sort of downtime. I grabbed a Cheerilee and was told there weren't any others in stock, then returned an hour later to pick up three others.

    Again though, pretty much all of this varies from store to store, so you may have to do some digging of your own.

    Thanks to Peter for all the information!
  • Comic: Back Stafe / Dropping By / Hearts and Hooves / Derpy Comic

    Part 1 / Part 2
    It's variety time here inn the comic tab.  We have a two parter above, and a whole bunch of random ones below.  Click them all for full as always! 

  • Story: Tears of a Goddess


    Author: Thecrazyrabbidfangirl
    Description: For one who does not count their lives in years or decades, regret can become an almost unbearable burden.
    Tears of a Goddess

    Additional Tags: Tragic, Regret/Guilt, Long
  • Music: The Clanky Donkey 2000 / UnderpΩny - Summer / My Little Medley: Polka Is Magic

    We have some awesome stuff thsi time around, starting with Crankey Doodle gone chiptune, followed by a remix of Summer and the entire show polka style.  Check them out below!

    1.) Interrobang Pie - The Clanky Donkey 2000
    2.) UnderpΩny - Summer
    3.) My Little Medley: Polka Is Magic

  • Story: The Dragon's Nest


    Author: Kyletra
    Description: Octavia loves classical music, but today she indulges in a different style.
    The Dragon's Nest

    Additional Tags: TAVIA
  • Simple PMV: More Than A Feeling // Magic Will Bring the Light // Speedy Alka Seltzer

    One of these has Boston. Boston! I love Boston. You should, too.

    If you don't, have some CMC. No one hates them anymore, right?

    1) More Than A Feeling [PMV]
    2) PMV - Magic Will Bring the Light
    3) Pony Commercial - Speedy Alka Seltzer

  • Instrumental Music: CarrotTop's Rush / Luna's City Night / Gala (Dash Mix) / Daring Do's Adventure

    Instrumental time! Background ponies and Luna taking over the music world one song at a time.

    1.) CarrotTop's Rush - Blaze (100 Subs Milestone special)
    2.) AgileDash - Luna's City Night
    3.) Tephrax - Gala (Dash Mix)
    4.) Daring Do's Adventure

  • Nightly Roundup #252

    This image is so amazing. 

    Have some really late nightly roundup stuff!