• Story Updates February 27th (Evening)

    Just two this time around! Its Lyra time here in the story update queue.  Readers of Harpflank and Sweets, and Anthropology can find them both below.

    Story: Anthropology (Update Part 12!)


    Author: JasonTheHuman
    Description: The story of Lyra's lifelong search for the truth about humans

    Story: Harpflank and Sweets (Update Part 7!)

    [Random] [Comedy] [Sci-fi]

    Author: Arcainum
    Description: Lyra and Bon Bon defend the bustling metropolis of Metropony City from Luna and her villainous henchpony Trixie's army of robots using only their wits, friendship and arsenal of heavy weaponry. Can they keep Metropony safe for yet another week? Find out in this exciting episode of...HARPFLANK AND SWEETS.
    Harpflank and Sweets